Fan of Knives

Fan of Knives

Fling a dagger at every enemy around you, dealing 125% damage. Can backstab!

Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

 Requires Scoundrel 3cldwn2
 Costs 2 Memory
 Requires a Dagger
 Range 8m

scoundrel-skill Scoundrel

Fan of Knives is a Scoundrel Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Fan of Knives Spell Book Location

  • Papa Thrash inside Driftwood's tavern.


Fan of Knives Requirements



Notes and Tips



Scoundrel Skills
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    • Anonymous

      Used it first time at voidwoken cave, the place where the big bugs capture you on chapter 2. Decent damage, huge range and a good execution move against those pesky worms. Really handy.

      • Anonymous

        This is a fantastic skill when used right and my defacto Scoundrel source-skill. 4 mobs and a boss? That's 5x 125% weapon-damage to the boss, when all of it is backstab too it's absolutely devastating. Hard to make it happen? That's why you want 2 points into Aerothurge for Netherswap (and dodge). If you also play with a full Geomancer (Worm Tremor) and full Aerothurge (Teleport, Neterswap), all with at least 3 points into Poly for Skin Graft this skill just becomes so incredibly good.

        • Anonymous

          This is a very strong move if you are being overpowered by numbers. A scenario would include rescuing Gwydian when there are the oil voidlings. spamming between skin graft and fan of knives, just in case they are still alive. Thx for the tip!

          • Anonymous

            One of the most useless skills in rogue arsenal. Even on Divine mode didnt found situation i wanted to spent this on enemy.

            • Anonymous

              Without a doubt the best Rogue Finisher in the game. You can get all 5 blades to hit a single target if you're close enough to them. Id pick this over Mortal Blow any day.

              • Anonymous

                Added this skill to my 4 man Tactician playthrough. Very useful if you sneak a rogue in behind the enemy ESPECIALLY on high ground (where enemy archers/mages like to wait) because of high ground bonus. Tanks/Summons takes aggro and get enemies facing away from rogue, near end of round rogue opens with the newly buffed (it is so good!) Corrupted Blade, and then use Fan of Knives to backstab ALL enemies in range with high ground bonus. You can leave many enemies open to mass physical crowd control like Blood Rain + Grasp of the Starved if they dont die to it (Savage Sortilege talent).

                • Anonymous

                  Liking this skill on my solo rogue playthrough. Larger range than whirlwind (especially since daggers have low range). Gets high ground dmg bonus and range increase. Nothing better to spend source points on.

                  • Anonymous

                    I dont think there is any reason to pick this over (warfare)Whirlwind, the warfare skill can also backstab but does not cost source and another bonus of one less AP.
                    The Whirlwind skill also scale with the weapon used, so if you go double daggers it will scale with finesse

                    Maybe they will fix this skill in the future and add bonus dmg or perhaps bleed/poison else i would just not pick this up.
                    Waste of memory slots waste of source waste of AP...

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