Far Out Man

Increase the range of skills and scrolls by 2m. Does not affect melee and touch-ranged skills.


Far Out Man is a talent in Divinity: Original Sin 2.






Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Occult Flamewielder



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    • Anonymous

      This is not a bad combo for glass cannon. Position your GC far enough away and he’ll be safe-ish. Also unlike the pawn, it doesn’t block executioner. I prefer far out + executioner + glass cannon vs the pawn + glass cannon + whatever. (Obviously both would have hot head and the all spells crit talent, whatever it’s called lol)

      It’s also useful to use teleport vs the enemies’ back line.

      • Anonymous

        Kinda busted with the Carrion armour set. You can cheese most fights by just shooting so far away that you never enter combat and can just rapid fire insta kill everything.

        • For Rangers who can plan ahead on fights on High Ground, this talent is useless. Most fights are within 20m radius and having High Grounds means range = 13m x 2 which should provide sufficient coverage. The only exception is if you ever decide to snipe an enemy with Ballistics to start the fight you might want the 2m extra distance worth of damage. But probably too circumstantial to waste a talent point for.

          • Anonymous

            Pawn is probably a straight up better Talent. Generally speaking I think Pawn is better than Far Out Man, corner cases arise though where your character is on a platform with limited real estate, in which case Far Out Man is better. On Dagger Rogues though, Pawn will almost always be better.

            • Anonymous

              It is not intuitive but this is a good talent for Dagger rogues... Backlash and Throwing Knife have a 8m range by defalut what makes them pain to use a lot of the times.. Backlash is offensive teleport skill in the game and the only thing it lacks is a bit of range. And in my games I found Throwing Knife being a decent skill only after picking this talent. It is kinda like a 1 ranged auto-attack per turn for rogues and with that talent it actually hits MUCH more often. Also improves Cloack/Dagger, Chloroform and Fan-of-Knives, which is nice but not that impactful.

              • Anonymous

                Doesn't appear to work on aura skills such as Mend Metal or Soothing cold. Only appears to work on targeted skills with an explicit range listed in their description.

                • Anonymous

                  Not the most useful skill if you find yourself taking the high ground often. It seems you get infinite range downhill anyways. And as far as I can tell, this does next extend range uphill. This only is useful on even ground.

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