In Divinity Original Sin 2, most of the Loots and quest rewards are random. However, if you have high Lucky Charm ability, the chances of finding high-tier equipment will be greatly improved.(The highest points you can invest on this ability is 5, however some equipment can further improve it.With 6 or Higher Lucky Charm, you can get highest rank items from looting.)


Farming Guides


Equipment can be found at any lootable place, even armor can be hidden in a pile of books. If you have high Lucky Charm Abilities, dont waste it. (There is a mirror on Lady Vengeance that allows you to change your character's abilities and attributes. You can make your character with high Lucky Charm and high Wits just for better loots. Then change them back.)

(Note: though rare, but some items are buried and require high wits to find.)

Alternatively, you can recruit adventurers on Lady Vengeance to help you loot the treasures.

Useful tips

  • You should always buy/sell with your character who has Bartering(Civil Action) and sell your items to NPCs with which you have a good reputation.
  • Pick up or buy cheap materials like Nails, Broken Bottles and combine them with empty grenades to make Nailbomb Grenades and Armor-Piercing Grenades which sell for at the least 5 times the price of the materials.
  • Same thing with Intestines and Rotten Eggs combine them with Empty Canisters for Chemical Warfare Grenades which sell for a good price.
  • Almost every herb can be combined with empty potion bottles to make potions which can be sold for more profit, you can also upgrade your minor healing potions to Healing Elixir by combining them with Yarrow Flowers which are worth even more.
  • Arrowhead(1g) combined with Fire Resistance Potion(8g) give Explosive Arrowhead which you can combine with Arrow Shaft(1g) for Explosive Arrow(61g) which are worth 6 times the materials used. You can make your own Fire Resistance Potions by combining Guepinia Mushroom(1g) and Empty Potion Bottle(1g).
  • Logs can be combined with a dagger to make 2 Wooden Branches + 1 Wood Chips, you do not lose the dagger.
  • Sharp Stones can be combined with a Wooden Branch for a Sharp Stone on a Stick which sells for more.
  • Cloth and Leather Scraps combined with a Tong for a Big Tongs Roped Together which sells for more.
  • Soap + any key gives a Lockpick, you do not lose the key or Nails + Repair Hammer gives 4 lockpicks, you do not lose the Hammer. Lockpicks sell for more than Soap or Nails and this means you should never have to buy any lockpick.
  • Mortar and Pestle + Bone/Skull gives Bonedust and Mortar and Pestle + Stardust Herb gives Stardust. Bonedust + Stardust gives Pixie Dust which sells for more.
  • But get a coin purse, fill with much gold as you have. Sell it, then steal it back. Basically you will only steal the purse value(like 20g) and not the inside value. So you can steal all your money back. 



Only a few items in Divinity Origianl Sin 2 have static locations, one of them being the Anathema, arguably the best two-handed weapon in the game. (Anathema can turn the final battle into an easy one, but your character needs to master Two-handed ability in order to maximize its power)To acquire this weapon, you need to complete the quest All In The Family.

The first time you board the Lady Vengeance, you will meet a necromancer named Tarquin, do not kill him for he is key in many quests. (and some others)

When you arrived at Reaper's Coast, you will meet Tarquin again at the gate of Stonegarden. This time he will give you the quest All In The Family, you need to investigate a family crypt and retrieve something for him.

The key to the family crypt comes from a petrified sourceress, Qauna, found in the crypt guarded by the hound (the crypt is close to and directly north of the family crypt and is flanked by two knight statues). Cast Bless on her inside the crypt to depetrify her and she will talk to you. If you fight with her she will spawn undead minions, but kill her and they will disappear so just focus her down.

(You can lockpick the door if you failed to find the key)

Next, head to the family crypt and open the door. In the first room of the family crypt, there are two buttons on the wall, you need to get close to find them. Press these the buttons to open the stone gate.

Teleport one of your companions into the third room and have them step on the pressure plate. Then cast Spirit Vision (Learned in Powerful Awakening), you will see three levers on the wall in the second room with the sarcophagus.  Press the levers (middle-left-right) to reveal a secret hatch. If you have already touched the levers since stepping on the plate, in some other order, then you need to "reset" the middle lever. Pull the middle lever until water comes out, then do left, then do right.

There's a treasury under that hatch, use your character with highest lucky charm to loot them. The artifact is in the coffin. If your character is a lizard, he/she will recognize the language it says.

When you try to leave the tomb, all of the clay sentinels will revive and attack you.

Report to Tarquin, he will tell you the other piece of the artifact is on Bloodmoon Island.

When you travel to Bloodmoon Island, you can find a hatch on its northeast corner, you need high enough wit to spot it buried:

Inside the vault is the other half of the artifact.

When you have both halves of the artifact, talk to Tarquin. (Sometimes he is not at the gate of stonegarden, you can find him on Lady Vengeance, near the boat. If you travel to Lady Vengeance by waypoint, he's right next to you.)

If you give Tarquin the pieces, he will repair it at ACT IV (The Arx).



Swornbreakers are unique weapons in Divinity Original Sin 2, combat-wise, they are not very powerful. But they are related to many quests, use them wisely can bring you lots of rewards, and can even alter the ending.

There are two Swornbreakers in D:OS 2. One can be forged on Nameless Isle, one can be found in The Vault of Linder Kemm.

To forge the Swornbreaker, you need three pieces, the tablet found in Ancient Temple (or reciepe given by Ryker, or Almira), the shaft in Sallow Man's war room, and the blade in the Academy Arena.

To find the tablet, you need to explore the Blackpits Mine at the Reaper's Coast.

At the end of the Blackpits Mine, there is the gate to Ancient Temple. Use Pyro skills to destory the gate.

In the heart of Ancient Temple, there is a puzzle, and seven shrines of seven gods, you need to activate them in the correct order. 

The riddles are:

"Our first lord babes with power glowed, our second's born in blood that flowed. Our third's young to the wind returned, our fourth's to glowing flames adjourn. Our fifth lord's cubs with minds were blessed, our sixth's had brawn beyond the rest. Our seventh's brood spread from earth to glen, and thus no king shall rise again."

The key to the puzzle is within a book on a corpse within the Ancient Temple chamber. It will say on the second page that each god is a representation of an element or power:

Tir Cendelius-Blood
Zorl Stissa-Fire

The correct order is: Amadia, Tir, Duna, Zorl, Xantessa, Vrogir, and finally Rhalic.

After you hit all the pillars in the correct order, an Eternal will appear, and have an interesting conversation with your god. You need to defeat the Eternal and her stalkers. Loot the place and you will find the tablet. (You can keep the tablet, or give it to Ryker or Almira for recipe, either way you can create the Swornbreaker.)

The Nameless Isle has two necessary pieces of Swornbreaker, the first one can be found at Sallow Man's war room.

East of the Temple of Rhalic, there is a troll guarding a cave:

Simply kill him, or pass a speech check to convince him to let you in the cave (you will gain 20,075XP for killing him). If you kill him, you will need to nuke him down as he regenerates around 3000 health per turn. Enter the cave and either use the Cowl of the True Sight right after the altar, towards the fake wall, or interact with the altar and drop the head into it (this will not destroy the head, don't worry). The path to the Sallow Man will be clear.

The swornbreaker piece is inside a chest in the war room. Either you sneak there, or kill the Black Rings to get it.

Another piece of Swornbreaker, can be found in the Academy Arena (guarded by some Automatons):

Once you have all three pieces, you can combine them to create Swornbreaker.

In ACT IV (The Arx), there is another Swornbreaker:

(The Swornbreaker is held by the statue)

Swornbreakers can free yourself from the God King (if you swear loyalty to God King in The Covenant), Windego (Mercy is Power), or Red Prince's Lover (The Consulate).

Other Treasure Spots

In Divinity: Original Sin 2, there are lots of locations contain valuable items/equipments. Consider explore these places for addtional lootings.

There are two caves on Nameless Isle not related to quests, but worth exploring


(This cave is on the south of the island, near the shadow prince.)

The second cave:

(This cave on the north of the island, you can teleport there from the platforms of the elven temple. Inside the cave, there are multiple constructs guarding a nice sword. Make sure your character has enough strength to lift it.)


Unique Items in Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be covered on this page. Not only how it works, but the Unique Armor and their location will also be listed.


Unique Items


Unique Weapons & Armor in Fort Joy




How to get/Location

Abstinence Dagger  10% chance to set Muted for 1 turn(s) Found on Kniles the Flenser
Chastity Dagger   10% chance to set Bleeding for 1 turn(s) Found on Kniles the Flenser
Alexander's Cloak Chest Armor  +2 Strength, +1 Retribution, Unlocks skill Blinding Radiance Found on Alexander after defeating him
Amulet of the Deep Necklace  +2 Constitution, +20% Air Resistance Kill the Voidwoken Deep-Dweller
Amulet of the Void Necklace   +2 Finesse, +20% Fire Resistance Kill the Voidwoken Salamander
Tyrant's Stride Leg Armor +1 Constitution, -0.2 Movement Found in Ancient Passage
Tyrant's Helm Helm  +1 Strength, -1 Leadership, Unlocks skill Source Vampirism Found at Decrepit Ruins
Tracks of the Tyrant Boot   Found on top of the tower to the north-east of Fort Joy
Heart of Tyrant Chest Armor  +1 Warfare, -0.2 Movement Found in the Dark Cavern, atop a brazier
Hands of the Tyrant Gloves  +1 Two-Handed Found inside a coffin at Braccus Rex's Tower
Band of Braccus Ring  +2 Intelligence, +2 Constitution, Set Cursed. Found in the Mysterious Cave
Burro's Club 1-handed mace   Found on Burro at Fort Joy after defeating him
Commander of the Tides Staff  +1 Intelligence Sold by Zaleskar. [X: 371. Y: 188]
Darling Bow Bow  +1 Finesse Located by the stone near the entrance to the Hidden Alcove, your character will discover a mound [X: 234: Y: 256]
Decomposing Pyromancer's Belt Belt  +15% Earth Resistance, +15% Poison Resistance Found on a body near [X: 372, Y: 144.]
Fang of the Winter Dragon 1-handed sword

 +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, +1 Warfare, +1 Hydrosophist, +25% Cleave Damage, Set Chilled for 1 turn(s), 5% chance to succeed

Found on Slane the Winter Dragon after defeating him
Fran the Bicorne Helmet +1 Wits, +6 Initiative, Immunity to Terrified Found on Beast in Lady Vengeance after killing him, or found in the Duna Temple.
Gloves of Teleportation Glove Unlocks skill Teleportation Found during the quest The Teleporter. Found on one of the crocodiles, west of Fort Joy [X: 120, Y: 222]
Gawin's Robe Chest Armor  +15% Air Resistance, +1 Aerotheurge Found on Gawin
Griff's Potato Peeler Dagger   Found on Griff, who is located in the kitchen
Hallorn's Blade Dagger   Given by Kerban in Amadia's Sanctuary (where the Seekers are), who gives you this blade if you ask about his dead friend
Hildur's Plate Chest Armor  +5 Fire Resistance, +5% Earth Resistance, +5 HP, Reflect 10% of melee damage as fire damage Sold by Hilde
Holind's Bow Bow  +5% Accuracy Found on Magister Holind, who stands as a guard at the locked gate of Fort Joy.
Houndmaster's Crossbow Crossbow   Located on the ground floor of the fort/upper prison level, in a room with a bunch of hounds in it.
The Illuminator 1-handed mace  +1 Pyrokinetic, 50% chance to set Necrofire for 1 turn(s) Found on Scapor after killing her. She appears after you bless all the burning pigs.
Kalias' Stunner 1-handed sword  +1 Strength, Set Shocked for 1 turn(s), 10% chance to succeed Sold by the lizard Kalias who is located inside the elven cave, near the entrance.
Knaap     Sold by Exter in Amadia's Sanctuary
Magister Carin's Shield Shield  +1 Lucky Charm Found on Magister Carin after killing her. She's one of the two Magisters with the child Han inside Fort Joy, near the boat.
Magister's Crossbow Crossbow -1 Movement, +5% Accuracy Found on one of the magisters near [X: 468, Y: 219]
Magister's Mantle Chest Armor   Found on Magister Dayva at the harbour
Magister Orivand's Mace 1-handed mace  -0.5 Movement Found on High Judge Orivand after killing him 
Magister's Sword 1-handed sword   Found on one of the magisters near [X: 468, Y: 219]
Magister Trippel's Twohander 2-handed sword  +1 Strength, -0.25 Movement Found on Magister Trippel, who is talking to Paladin Cork outside the main fort in the first act.
Migo's Breastplate Chest Armor   Found on Migo after killing him
Migo's Ring Ring  Grants skill: Restoration Found on Migo after killing him, or given by Migo. Can be given to Magister Yarrow to complete a quest, or kept, or stolen back from her after.
Needle's Wand Wand   Found on Needle in the Camp Kitchen after killing him
Radeka's Thorn Wand +2 Intelligence, Unbreakable  Found on Radeka, the cave where she resides can be found near [X: 587, Y: 99]
The Reckoning Hammer  +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +2 Necromancer, -0.5 Movement Found on Dallis after defeating her in Fort Joy or during the quest Lady o'War
Saheila's Crest Amulet  +1 Lucky Charm, +1 Intelligence (iirc) Given to you by Amyro when you get him released
Shadow's Eye Crossbow  -1 Movement Speed, +25% Accuracy, Grants skill Chameleon Cloak Given by Zaleskar to Ifan by as help for his errand
Simple Pendant Amulet  +1 Wits, +10% Poison Resistance Located in the Holding cells under Fort Joy, it is on the body of a skeleton
Slug's Axe 1-handed Axe  

Found on Slug after killing him in Fort Joy [X: 162, Y: 185]

Spear of Braccus Rex Spear   10% chance to set Petrified for 1 turn(s) Located at Lord Withermoore
Second Skin Gloves  +1 Finesse, +10% Poison Resistance, +1 Huntsman

Located at [X: 494, Y:87] in a hole, after killing the Noxious Void Salamanders and being told the location by a squirrel.

Mask of Strength Helmet +1 Strength, +10% Poison Resistance Located at [X: 494, Y:87] in a hole, after killing the Noxious Void Salamanders and being told the location by a squirrel.
Ring of Intelligence Ring  +1 Intelligence, +10% Poison Resistance Located at [X: 494, Y:87] in a hole, after killing the Noxious Void Salamanders and being told the location by a squirrel
Sundering Cleaver 2-Handed axe  +1 Strength, +1 Warfare, Grants skill Thick of the Fight Sold by Zaleskar [X: 371. Y: 188]
Trompdoy's Hatchet 1-Handed axe  +1 Wits Located in Madman's Enclave in the Mysterious Cave [X: 662, Y: 550]
Turtle's Claw Wand   Found on the Ancient Tainted Turtle at the beach in the Hidden Alcove after defeating it [X: 270, Y:354]
The Viper's Tongue (Ancient Sword) 1-handed sword  +1 Strength, +1 Warfare Found on the broken bridge, which can be found near the statue of Braccus Rex where you first arrive in Fort Joy. A teleport skill is required.
Waltz's Staff Staff   Found on Waltz, one of Griff's henchmen, after killing her
Withermoore's Girdle Belt  +1 Memory Acquired from Withermoore after you complete his quest.


Unique Weapons & Armor in Reaper's Coast




How to get/Location 


Shield   Trader Haran sells in Driftwood

Antique Armor

Chest Armour +3 Cons
+3 Wits
+3 Per
-.5 Movmnt
Buried at X=632 y=410
Burning cliff, 
Baran Levere's Ring Ring   At the Black Bull Inn - Upstairs in the room where he resides, in the left chest.
Brittle Spear Spear   Located in Johanna Surrey's Tomb in one of the chests.
Captain Amblewheather's Hat Helmet   x=197 y=759 At the Black Bull Inn - Upstairs It's in the wardrobe.
Captain's Compass Amulet Amulet  +1 Lucky Charm Located in the wreck of the Peacemaker which is at Reaper's Bluff. You need a teleport spell to be able to retrieve it.
Chamore Damon Wand   Trader Ovis (the Dwarf) sells this.
Emrach Chest Armor   Located on the body of Basatan the Wishmaster who is on Bloodmoon Island.
Excruciating Echo and Stormforger Crossbow   Located in Wrecker's Caves Depths
Stormforger 1-handed mace   Located in Wrecker's Caves Depths
Fancy Dagger Dagger   Given to Beast by Lohar for agreeing to help him find someone.
Flashing Footsteps Boots   Located at Garrick's Buried Valuables.
Halla's Ribbon Belt   Located at Halla's Buried Valuables.
Hanal Lechet 2-handed   It's 2-handed axe, located in chest (x430; y50)
Justinia's Favour Gloves   Located at Bromley's Buried Valuables.
Lohar's Two Handed Source Hammer 2-handed hammer   Given to you by Lohar for finding out what happened in the caves.
Magister's Cloak Chest Armor   Located in The Black Pits cave on the White Magister.
Metal Shield Shield   Located in Wrecker's Caves Depths.
Mordus' Amulet Amulet   You can steal it from Lohar after hand it over.
Ornate Dagger Dagger   Located in the Black Bull inn and can be stolen from Zharah, the lizard prostitute
Rainwater Amulet Amulet   Amulet resides in a buried chest at about x=613, Y=296.
Reaver's Axe 2-handed axe   Located on a body at the Satanic altar thingy near the waypoint shrine.
Sacore Evdek 2-handed mace   Used by Mhordkan. (the demon in cage, guarded by Jahan).
Spear of Foes Spear   Obtained after completing the quest at the elven camp
Soulforged Blade 2-handed sword   Located below the fish factory in Driftwood.
Soulforged Crossbow Crossbow   Located below the fish factory in Driftwood.
Sourcerer's Ring Ring   Located in the dungeons of the Magister Barracks.
Stonecrusher Armour Chest Armor   x=171 y=98 on a dead dwarf near the Wreckers Cave on the right side of the Fort
Vard d'layal bow   located inside the Mordus house in Driftwood
Very Silent Watcher's Leather Shirt Chest Armor   Located on the corpse of a Silent Watcher by a house near the bridge to the Bloodmoon island.
Visha's Helm Helmet   Located at Vydia's Buried Valuables.


Unique Weapons & Armor in The Nameless Isle




How to find/Location

Cowl of True Sight Helmet   Given to you by Alexander to deal with the Sallow Man
The Eternal Stormblade 1-handed Sword   Located in a cave on north coast of the island.
The Shadow Prince's Signet Ring   dropped by the Shadow Prince
Sallow Chainmail Chest Armor   dropped bt The Sallow Man 
Septas Shield Shield   Located on the body of Crab by the lizard shrine if you killed Septa the Ineffable in Fort Joy


Unique Weapons & Armor in Arx




How to find/Location

Confiscated Ancient Empire Water Staff Staff   Located in the Magister's Barracks basement, behind an Alexandar portrait.
Circle of Suns Ring   drop by lizard Sadha. (in dream realm)
Deiseis Riveil Bow    Buy it from Trader Non who is just before the bridge to the cathedral
Domoh Dumora Dagger    located on the balcony of Arhu's chamber, under a furniture.
Dora Rav Chest Armor   Located on the skeleton in the Death Room which is underneath Lucian's Temple
Dritta Evyet Ring   located inside the Barracks behind a secret door at co-ordinates. X56, Y:18
Dumora Lam Wand   In the chest in Adramahlihk's realm where you go to snuff out the candles
Ednet Voor Spear   Located in the Magister's Barracks basement. In a golden chest behind the gheists.
Falone Girt Amulet   Located on the Lord Dread ship, in a golden chest at the front of the ship.
Falone Scythe 2-handed axe   Hold by a statue in chapel around x341, y383.
Justinia's Favor  gloves   Given to you by Justinia once you complete the quest after kill Isbeil. 
Kallisteis Boots   found on a merchant to the right after crossing the bridge to get to Lucian's temple/the path of blood
Kemm's Deflector Shield   Located in Kenn's Vault
Lucian's Divine Staff Staff   Located inside a lootbox in Arhu's living room.
Lucio Shield Shield   Inside a chest buried near X:343, Y:124
Nazad Hunola Chest Armor   Located in the basement in a chest beneath the loan ladies' house
Rutoma Rivelleis Amulet   Sold by Cat the Appraiser who is located on the bottom floor of Kemm's Mansion
Ruvola Chest Armor   Located in Kemm's Vault in the secret room behind the passions of Lucian.
Swornbreaker 2-Handed axe   Located in Kemm's Vault in the secret room behind the passions of Lucian.
Vo Charlen Helmet   found in the grooms house (on the right side of the street before crossing the bridge to the Doctor's house) basement in a chest.
Voor D'Aravel 1-handed sword   Located in the Garden of the Lizard Consulate. Its in the golden chest at the end of the garden.
Band of the Faithful Ring   Arx Harbor: found on Skeleton at x:383 y:161
Ring of the Faithul Ring   Arx Cathedral: Found in purple pouch east of path of blood x:316 y:461
Talisman of the Faithful Necklace   Arx Cathedral: Stone Coffin x:270 y:443
Sash of the Faithful Belt   Arx Cathedral: sold by Pilgrim at x298 y393
Breeches of the Faithful Leg Armor   Arx Outskirts: sold by Lizard Trader at x:352, y:76
Boots of the Faithful Boots   Arx Harbor: Inside Southern hatch in Harbor x:500 y:100
Mantle of the Faithful Chest Armor   Arx Cathedral: Pilgrim at x:273 y:388
Gloves of the Faithful Gloves   Arx Cathedral: Cache Behind Lucian Statue x:298 y:402
Cowl of the Faithful Head   Arx Cathedral: sold by Pilgrim in pink robes x:296 y:411
Antique Ring Ring

+1 Necromancer
+1 Summoning
Set poisoned.

Sold by Trader Valia outside Kemm's Mansion at x:199 y282


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