Increase the range of a targeted character's ranged attacks and skills by 4m.

Set Farsight for 3 Turn(s).

Requires Huntsman 3cldwn3
Costs 2 
 Range 13m

hunstman-skills-dos2 Huntsman Skills

Farsight is a Huntsman Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Farsight Spell Book Location



Farsight Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • There is no craftable scroll for this skill
  • Farsight bonus range increased to 4m, no longer improves Accuracy as of Patch v3.0.168.526



Huntsman Skills
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    • Anonymous

      20 Nov 2018 13:40  

      This does NOT affect accuracy as per comment here. Worst skill in the game bar none. Archers need high ground that makes the range increase here pretty much redundant. Waste of 1 AP, 2 memory and 1 source for a redundant effect. On a skill set with less choice and utility than any other already.

      • Anonymous

        14 Oct 2017 22:58  

        One of the more useless skills in the game. Not only is its utility marginal at best, it also costs a source point.

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