Finder's Fee

Paladin Everheart's Spirit
Paladin's Spirit
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 14
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Finder's Fee is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



Finder's Fee Objectives

  1. Kill Mummie Dearest and give her head to the paladins.



Finder's Fee Walkthrough


Cast Spirit Vision at lone wolves' sawmill. Then talk to Paladin Everheart's Spirit.

After you collect Mummie Dearest's head, give it to Paladin Thom Hardwin at the Bridgehead.

 Eating the head as an elf confers no bonus, and prevents the quest from being completed.


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous


      Alright if you run into the bug where Paladin Hardwin says "I'm busy" and you CAN'T turn in the head, what you need to do is have every party member talk to Hardwin. He will give each person a coin purse or their "pay." That will complete the quest he is stuck on. After that you can talk to him again with the person who has the head and then you can turn it in. Took my group a bit to figure out. Hope it helps!!

      • Anonymous

        Might be worth noting that killing Mummie Dearest will turn everyone in the camp hostile, if you got in with a Lone Wolf medallion.

        • Mummie drops a level 15 two handed axe called Elven Axe ..... 20% crit chance ..... 20% bleed ..... 1 rune slot ..... A nice damage boost when I killed her at lvl 12.

          • Anonymous

            Either take her out from (very) long range, or: Her first wave is in my opinion the most important. She uses Uncanny Evasions and just runs down your squad, hits EXTREMELY hard in CC. However, you can try and cheese it. In the small room with the three beds and chests south of where she patrols, you can block the entrances with the chests / summons (like Ifan's Wolf). Her AI Is extremely focused on taking out your Mage/ Ranger/etc, so in my game she ran out the door and managed to clip Ifan through the wall or something. After the first wave try and knock her down/ freeze her/ whatever, just keep her from fighting. She has terrible water resistance I believe, so Hydro spells work well.

            • Anonymous

              There’s a spirit outside the sawmill if you eat the head before the quest is given to you. Talked to it, said there was nothing keeping it here and it gave me 10400 exp before leaving to the hall of echoes.

              • Anonymous

                I killed her quite easily with this set up, its kinda cheating, though: First i set up my team around the gate (i killed the 4 guys guarding the gate) Then, i used a tele-user and sneak close to the door where she going around guarding, tele her to the gate (this way, u can gangbang her and no one can stop u) its super easy when you get the tele-range right. Now is the fun part, i put 'living on the edge' on my high retribution Lohse and watched her killing herself (took a while, tho)

                • Anonymous

                  I ate the head before I spoke to the spirit, after finding out it was a quest item from him, another head was available on the floor.

                  • Anonymous

                    I got Paladin Thom killed during the fight at the Bridgehead. That's another effective way to prevent this quest from getting finished...

                    • Anonymous

                      if you talk to the spirit in her room, you learn she's weak against "Rain" and frost attacks I froze her with "winter blast" and removed 80% of her life. then she shattered when the next character touched her with "Battering ram". very easy to get rid of.

                      • Anonymous

                        *groan* It shouldn't be possible to eat her head if it's a quest item. I didn't even think about it..Fane ate it. ARGH!!!

                        • Anonymous

                          Give the head to Paladin Thom Hardwin with the caracter who spoke to him at first when acquire "Dark Dealings in the Blackpits" quest.

                          • Anonymous

                            Seems to be bugged, turned in the Head to the Paladin but didnt complete the quest..yet another bugged quest

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