Finding Lord Arhu

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Finding Lord Arhu is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Lord Arhu, who could potentially help you in your quest to find Lucian's tomb, is missing. Will you be able to find him?



Important NPCs



Finding Lord Arhu Objectives

  1. Speak To Sister Avenny (Optional)
  2. Search Lord Arhu's private quarters.
  3. Find Arhu's prison.
  4. Free Lord Arhu.
  5. Defeat the Black Ring and Lord Linder Kemm.
  6. Speak to Arhu.



Finding Lord Arhu Walkthrough

Once you learn about lord Arhu during The Last Stand of Magisters, speak with Sister Avenny at the main gate of the cathedral. Tell her you need to see Lord Arhu, if you persuade her she will give you keys to Lord Arhu's Private Quarters. Lord Arhu's quarters are at the north-east corner of the cathedral. She also tells you that there are guards posted at the door. Go there and you can find 2 Paladins and Paladin Tara Bree guarding the main door of the quarters. Talking with paladins while their line of sight away from door and opening the door won't work here because as soon as you open the door the 3 paladins will enter while still engaged in dialogue with you making scouring the ransacked quarters a difficult task. Instead there's another door on the eastern side of the quarters(Approx Co-ordinates X355 Y448), to reach that door head to the balcony from the adjacent room (with entrance between the 6 scribes sitting there). From here you can teleport party to the Balcony where the eastern door of Lord Arhu's chambers opens. If you enter the chambers this way you can roam around unhindered in his chambers. There are 2 important items here which update your quests 'The Vault of Lord Kemm' and 'Finding Lord Arhu', but first unlock the ornate chest to grab the unique staff Lucian's Divine Staff. There's a letter on the floor near the desk and a journal in a chest by the Bed. Reading these 2 items updates quests but at the same time all the 3 paladins at the main door along with Lord Kemm barge into the chambers to confront you. Picking up these items instead is advised and once you have both of them, read them simultaneously before Lord Kemm barges in to confront you. You can avoid confiscation attempts by paladins and confrontation with Lord Kemm by travelling to a way point if the character who picked up 2 items does not have high persuasion skill. I haven't tested what happens if you fail persuasion check. 

Lord Arhu is locked in Lord Linder Kemm's vault. Please see "The Vault of Linder Kemm" quest for a detailed walkthrough on how to enter the vault and find Arhu's prison. A brief guide will be included here.

Find the Thieves Guild in the sewer as shown in the picture below, and steal or buy the unusual painting from the children.

Next, find the lever shown in the picture below and use it to open the hatch to Lord Kemm's vault.

After you pull the lever, enter the vault through this hatch as shown in the picture below:

Inside Kemm's Vault, place the unusual painting on the frame to open the hidden wall door, as shown below:

Inside the chamber, take the painting named "Responsibility", loot the area, and then activate the book on the right bookshelf as shown below:

Put the "Responsibility" painting on the altar as shown below, which will reveal yet another hatch.

Entering the hatch, you will finally find Lord Arhu imprisoned here, as shown below. Cast Spirit Vision to find his three tormentors.

Be careful; once you drain the source of all 3 tormentors, a fight will begin, and Lord Linder Kemm will join in the fight and attack you. It is wise to make your preparations and complete all quests associated with Linder Kemm before proceeding. When you are ready, drain all 3 spirits of their source to free Lord Arhu. Note that you can also take the Swornbreaker from the statue.

Once Lord Arhu is freed, 2 Black Ring Defilers will immediately appear on the lower platform, while a Black Ring Painweaver and Fearmaiden will appear on the upper platform. Lord Kemm will also show up on the second turn, and you'll need to defeat him as well. Each Black Ring member killed will award 107,800XP, while killing Lord Kemm awards 299,700XP.

Note that in this fight, Arhu is not invulnerable and CAN be killed! To keep Arhu alive, you may want to teleport him to a safe corner, and avoid crowding around him so that Lord Kemm won't use his whirlwind attack on your party and hit Arhu as well when he appears. If he dies, you can always use Spirit Vision and still speak to him, though. You will earn 53,900XP for updating the "A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares" quest, and 96,950XP for completing this quest, resulting in a total of 150,850XP.

If he is alive, speak to him and the quests will advance in the same way as above, with one difference - you will be rewarded with a choice of Legendary-quality loot at the end. This quest is complete at this point.





  • 107,800XP per Black Ring member, for a total of 431,200XP for all 4 Black Ring members (associated with "The Vault of Linder Kemm" quest)
  • 299,700XP for killing Lord Kemm (associated with "The Vault of Linder Kemm" quest).
  • If Arhu is alive, you will be rewarded with a choice of Legendary-quality loot once you finish talking to him.
  • 96,950XP upon speaking to Arhu, completing this quest.

    • Anonymous

      17 Jan 2020 18:36  

      I was level 39 in aerotheurge, with 42 inteligence, so I just used chain lightning, and they blew up. #overkill #IHeartLightning #whoDoesn't

      • Anonymous

        03 Jan 2020 02:08  

        Just had my third playthrough fight here. Solo warrior/spellcaster. Casted clear minded and apotheosis before draining last spirit. Used the green tea to reduce my AP cost by 2 (LOVE YOU LADY KEMM!!) Then used teleport and tele scrolls to move three of the black ringers onto the 4th one. With executioner got 2 ap back just with the teleports and the resulting two kills. Battering ram knocked the 4th down and killed the other remaining one. Finshed off the last with one blow. Done in one round so Kender Kimm shows up alone and combat was already over lol! Savage Sortilege did wonders here with my high int and wit and 25% crit weapon too

        • Anonymous

          29 Jan 2019 14:46  

          There is a very good technique for fight with Kemm. As he is most powerful of the whole group wait for him to cast phoenix dive and in next turn use on him teleport ability. I got it even with my fighter as it needs only 2 points in aero so you can get it on equipment easily. there are two spots on this map where if you teleport him he won't be able to attack until cd on phoenix dive will go off. One is behind source container although you cannot target him with ranged attack there. Another one is on the right side of the stairs, blocked with torture bed. He won't be able to move from there either and you can target him with bow (but be careful as he has deflect ability from his shield all the time so the damage will hit also your archer). Once you deal with the rest of the group you can finish Kemm easily.

          • Anonymous

            26 Sep 2018 09:01  

            Dunno if this was posted before, but if you search arhu's chambers near the cathedral and read his diary in the chest, kemm will show up with a bunch of paladins (more than 10 of them) and if you fail speech check you can choose to fight them all and get a massive amount of xp, like more than a million, arhu's quest will update with a red flag pointing to kemm's vault.

            • Anonymous

              10 Dec 2017 09:52  

              The wiki lists that the loot given is "Divine-quality". From the quest, I received Legendary...

              • Anonymous

                28 Oct 2017 20:56  

                If you have found the Black Mirror in the attic of Lord Kemm's mansion you can talk to him in the Magister Barracks and accuse him of working with the Black Ring. He will initiate combat and call for the Paladins to back him up, but in my case they didn't care (maybe we were too far away from any other Paladins). Lord Kemm will obviously not show up for this fight if you kill him earlier.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Oct 2017 11:25  

                  I killed the Trolls in the Thieves Guild because once again my character with Persuasion lvl 5 didn't seem to be convincing enough. I remember Fane mentioning the painting in the middle of the room and I think I picked it up after the fight.
                  However I'm now stuck in Kemm's Vault as nothing happens when I interact with the missing painting.
                  Is it possible I sold the painting? (shouldn't be possible for a quest related object) Or am I doing something wrong?

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Oct 2017 23:05  

                    Is there any other way to get that painting from the Thieves guild? I killed the trolls but can't find that painting anywhere. Any other way to get to Ahru?

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Sep 2017 02:19  

                      Easy way to keep Arhu save is putting permafrost on him, he wont be involved in combat so the permafrost stays till you are done.

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