Five-Star Diner

Doubles the effects of foods and potions.


Five-Star Diner is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



    • Anonymous

      05 Jul 2019 05:18  

      as of 7/4/2019 food buffs don't last long enough to be utilized on undead characters. (whether the food is poisoned or not.) this affects all undead custom races, and Fane. Custom undead are still capable of getting drunk tested this with each race of undead. Fane is immune to drunk condition. (whether alcohol is poisoned or not) tested this on multiple saves , and for buff duration had each party member drink apple juice (6 turn duration) both in and out of combat. If taking this trait on undead it will only benefit potion effects and heals from poisoned food. the buffs are increased however they don't last long enough to be utilized.

      • Anonymous

        22 Mar 2018 13:39  

        If this talent did what it was supposed to do, it would be great. I'm a little pissy about finding out it doesn't work toward the end of a harder battle I had decided to use potions to win. Boooooooo!

        • Anonymous

          31 Oct 2017 19:29  

          Why does it say an excellent talent for Lone Wolf in the tips? Because food heals based off of percentages? I guess it would matter if you even got hurt as a Lone Wolf before you kill everything. Seems like a waste of a talent for Lone Wolf to me. Coming from Honour mode difficulty, so I imagine it's even worse on Classic or Explorer.

          • Anonymous

            23 Oct 2017 00:53  

            works on Food but all the time you put into crafting potions to use with this dont bother. It doesnt effect potions at the moment

            • Anonymous

              04 Oct 2017 16:14  

              Does it only affect your own character who consumes the Food or also other characters who eat your coocked Food ?

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