Flaming Crescendo

Flaming Crescendo

Curse the target to explode after one turn or on death in a 3m radius.

 Set Flaming Crescendo for 3 turn(s).

Requires Pyrokinetic 3cldwn5
Costs 1 Memory
3m Explode Radius
 Range 13m

pyrokinetic-skill Pyrokinectic

Flaming Crescendo is a Pyrokinetic Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Flaming Crescendo Spell Book Location

  • Appears at vendors who sell Pyrokinetic Skill Books upon reaching Level 16



Flaming Crescendo Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Scroll can be crafted by combining a Sheet of Paper, Alien Fire Essence, and Needle
  • Flaming Crescendo can be set ignoring Magic Armour. Cost reduced to 1AP, delay before explosion to 1 turn as of as of Patch v3.0.168.526
  • No longer resisted by Magical Armour magic_armour-icon



Pyrokinectic Skills
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    • Anonymous

      28 Oct 2019 00:11  

      There's a bit of cheese you can pull off with this skill. If the rest of your team is in combat but the caster is not, casting this spell on an enemy will not bring the caster into combat. That means you can freely go ahead and plop Flaming Crescendoes on every enemy before joining the battle for some huge initial damage in the first round. Though keep in mind that enemies will move so you might blow up your own party too.

      • Anonymous

        07 Mar 2019 13:19  

        Tooltip is bugged in Definitive Edition, at least for me. Does about 3x as much damage as the tooltip suggests when hovering over it on my Mage.

        • Anonymous

          15 May 2018 19:02  

          Easily one of the best spells in the game. Does insane amounts of damage and only costs 1 AP. The only downside is that the damage is delayed and the target might approach you/a teammate before they explode.

          • Anonymous

            03 Feb 2018 11:42  

            This skill is crazy good now after the patch. High damage, about twice as much as Fireball, but only costs 1AP and applies through magic armour. One of the best spells to open a fight with, just cast it on an enemy that you teleport into a group and blow them all up. This + Throw Explosive Trap + Bleed Fire is one of the most AP efficient damage combos in the game now.

            • Anonymous

              06 Jan 2018 23:03  

              Found a skill book in the sewers of Arx in a treasure room (X:300 Y:600) after a fight with some people. Trying to avoid spoiling some story...

              • Anonymous

                29 Oct 2017 01:46  

                Damage is absolute*****. And it has so many conditions, I don't know what Larian was thinking when balanced this spell.

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