Flashing Footsteps


Armor Boots


  • Fire Resistance +20%
  • Pyrokinetic +1
  • Movement +0.25



Flashing Footsteps is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Sparks fly with each step taken in these soft-soled slippers, as if the wearer were tinder to the flint of the earth.




Flashing Footsteps Information

  • 20 Physical Armor
  • 0.5 Weight


Flashing Footsteps Requirements

    • Level 12



Flashing Footsteps Notes/Tips

  • Valuable


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    • Anonymous

      This item is odd. Did the devs think pyro was so powerful that a dedicated unique should be nerfed by providing less armor than normal? Is it flavor to have the armor match the "slippers" description? Then why don't they have the slippers icon instead of a heavy armor one? It's not that they aren't good because the 20% res is really good for pyro builds early on when there isnt many options but the low armor is just so confusing to me.

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