Flesh Sacrifice

Flesh Sacrifice

Gain 1 Action Point immediately and a 10% damage boost for 2 turns at the cost of -[X] Constitution. Any Action Points over your maximum are lost.

 Set Flesh Sacrifice for 2 turn(s).

 Costs 0 Memory cldwn6


Flesh Sacrifice is a Special Skill in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Flesh Sacrifice Spell Book Location

  • This skill is granted automatically to Elf.



Flesh Sacrifice Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • The Constitution decrease is dependent on the caster's level.
  • Using the skill will create a pool of blood at your feet.
  • The talent Leech will heal you more than the skill self damage at low level.



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    • Anonymous

      since shields will increasingly require more con, and this will increasingly remove more con, I imagine it will be hard to keep using this with better shields

      • Anonymous

        This ability can cause a shield to unequip if the characters constitution drops below the required level to use.

        • Anonymous

          Perfect for rangers too. Gives a damage buff to your already insane damage while ideally being distant enough for the -con to not matter, drops a blood pool at your feet for elemental arrows for more phys, and gives 1 AP to cast that elemental arrows. Best use of it imo aside from Elemental Affinity necromancy.

          • Anonymous

            Must-have for necro builds IMO, which is unfortunate because this means it should probably have been a necro skill instead of a race skill. The 1 AP and free blood pool at your feet on demand combined with Elemental Affinity offers so much utility for necros and lets you pull off the strongest necro combo in the game with just 5 starting AP (pre-Hasted, but no need for Lone Wolf or Glass Cannon):

            (Starting at 5AP) Apotheosis (3AP remaining) -> Adrenaline (5AP remaining) -> Flesh Sacrifice (6AP remaining) -> Blood Storm (3AP remaining), Grasp of the Starved (2AP remaining), Skin Graft (1AP remaining), Adrenaline (3AP remaining) -> Flesh Sacrifice (4AP remaining) -> Blood Storm (1AP remaining), Grasp of the Starved (0AP remaining).

            • Anonymous

              This skill seriously needs to be rebalanced. It only gets worse as it levels. At the moment it remains to give 1 Action Point and 10% damage for 2 turns, but the constitution side effect gets worse and worse. From -1, to -2, to -3 etc.

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