Fort Joy is a Location in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Fort Joy is the very first Region the player will find after completing the Tutorial. It is Act 1 of the game.

The main goal of this area is to escape Fort Joy, remove your Source Collar and eventually get onto the Lady Vengeance ship.

KEY NOTE: Once you have completed killing Bishop Alexandar and can talk to Malady, you will permanently lose access to this area and any quests you have not yet completed will be archived. Also, as macabre as it may sound, once you are at this point there is nothing stopping you from going back through the entire area and killing everything that moves for extra XP and loot. However, do NOT kill Saheila or her allies in the caverns!! She will be critical to a quest chain in Act II.


Fort Joy Region Map


Fort Joy Sub-Areas Quick List


The Hold ♦ Fort Joy ♦ Fort Joy Ghetto ♦ Arena of the One ♦ Caverns ♦ Dark CavernFort Joy Prison ♦ Forgotten Cell ♦ Ancient Passage ♦ Underground Tunnel ♦ Witch's Location ♦ The Hollow Marshes ♦ Sanctuary of Amadia ♦ Braccus Rex's Tower ♦ Decrepit Ruins


Fort Joy Sub-Areas


 (Fort Joy Beach)

Recommended Level: 1 - 2

hiddenalcove raw

(Hidden Alcove)

Recommended Level: 2 - 3


(Fort Joy Ghetto)

Recommended Level: 2 - 4



Recommended Level: 2 - 3


(Holding Cells)

Recommended Level: 3 - 4


(Underground Tunnel)

Recommended Level: 3 - 4


(Fort Joy)

Recommended Level: 4 - 5


(Fort Joy Prison)

Recommended Level: 3 - 5


(Arena of Fort Joy)

Recommended Level: 3


(Ancient Passage)

Recommended Level: 4


(Fort Joy Gate)

Recommended Level: 4


(Fort Joy Harbour)

Recommended Level: 4 - 5


(The Hollow Marshes)

Recommended Level: 4 - 9


(Sanctuary of Amadia)

Recommended Level: 4+


(Dark Cavern)

Recommended Level: 5 - 6


(Braccus Rex's Tower)

Recommended Level: 6


(Ruined Castle)

Recommended Level: 5


(Decrepit Ruins)

Recommended Level: 5


(Witch's Location)

Recommended Level: 6 - 7


(Forgotten Cell)

Recommended Level: Any


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    • Anonymous

      Yea the note is completely right, you should definitely go total psycho and murder everyone for the XP, being level 9 gives you a bunch of OP items from Braccus' well and all of Gerald's ppl will die or go MIA anyway B4 getting to act 2 so might as well. I suppose it might be worth leaving the book traders alive.

      The only other ppl are worth leaving alive are Sahelia and friends, Butter, some NPCs that give no XP like Bahara, Feder who's a super good trader, Gerald and obviously Malady. Griff's people don't give out much XP but more than half of them drop uniques so... Also Griff's annoying with all his complaining about the bleeding dwarves and not being fit for beasts. Don't forget to kill Septa too, it opens up a route for a questline later on and she gives you some XP as well.

      You can squeeze out some extra XP in Fort Joy by dropping a deathfog barrel on Dallis' pets at the beginning that will make Dallis drop her hammer too. Nowadays it won't kill Alexandar though, make sure to complete Yarrow and Migo's quest B4 doing that though

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