Fort Joy is a Location in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Fort Joy is the very first Region the player will find after completing the Tutorial. It is Act 1 of the game.

The main goal of this area is to escape Fort Joy, remove your Source Collar and eventually get onto the Lady Vengeance ship.

KEY NOTE: Once you have completed killing Bishop Alexandar and can talk to Malady, you will permanently lose access to this area and any quests you have not yet completed will be archived. Also, as macabre as it may sound, once you are at this point there is nothing stopping you from going back through the entire area and killing everything that moves for extra XP and loot. However, do NOT kill Saheila or her allies in the caverns!! She will be critical to a quest chain in Act II.


Fort Joy Map


Fort Joy Sub-Areas Quick List


Fort Joy ♦ Fort Joy Ghetto ♦ The Hold ♦ Arena of the One ♦ Caverns ♦ Dark CavernFort Joy Prison ♦ Forgotten Cell ♦ Ancient Passage ♦ Underground Tunnel ♦ Witch's Location ♦ The Hollow Marshes ♦ Sanctuary of Amadia ♦ Braccus Rex's Tower ♦ Decrepit Ruins


Fort Joy Sub-Areas



Recommended Level: 4+

Notable NPCs: High Judge Orivand, Magister Captain Trippel

Players can find access into Fort Joy Prison and the Underground Tunnel. There are 10 Quests associated in this location, such as Finding Emmie, Hot Under the Collar, but the main quest to be completed is Fort Joy.



Recommended Level: Any

In Fort Joy Ghetto, players can find various summoning skill book merchants and a notable NPC Bishop Alexandar. There are 7 quests that can be found here, but the main quests associated with this sub-location is Fort Joy and The Collar.



Recommended Level: 1-2

Notable NPCs: Windego

Players will encounter two quests, The Collar and Troubled Waters. This also serves as the tutorial deck/location where you can learn the basic controls and mechanics of the game.



Recommended Level: 3+

Notable NPCs: Sepp, Thola, Mia, Ivor

The main quest that can be found here is The Arena of Fort Joy where you'll need to become the champion in order to remove your main character's collar.





Recommended Level: 2+

Notable NPCs: Mody, Elodi

Players can find a merchant named Kalias. And the quests that are found in this sub-area are The Shakedown and Withermoore's Soul Jar.



Recommended Level: 4+

Notable NPCs: Trompdoy

The quest that is associated with this sub-location is The Cursed Ring.



Recommended Level: 3+

Notable NPCs: Kniles the Flenser, Birdie

The main quest Fort Joy is associated with this location. Players can also find the exit to The Hollow Marshes and the Ancient Passage.



Recommended Level: Any

Notable NPCs: Mody, Lord Whitermoore

Players can find and complete a quest for this location called Withermoore's Soul Jar.



Recommended Level: 3+

Notable NPCs: N/A

This sub-location is associated with the quest: Withermoore's Soul Jar.



Recommended Level: 3+

Notable NPCs: Vasyna, Verdas, Delorus, Magister Houndmaster

At the Underground Tunnel, the associated quest is The Teleporter.



Recommended Level: ???

Notable NPCs: Radeka the Witch

The related quest for this location is The Purged Dragon. Players can also acquire a Purging Wand from the witch's body.



Recommended Level: 4+

Notable NPCs: Gareth, Zaleskar

There are multiple quests related to this sub-location such as Ulterior Motive, The Purged Dragon, The Gargoyle's Maze, and Most Dangerous When Cornered.



Recommended Level: 4+

Notable NPCs: Gareth, Gratiana, Leya

There are multiple quests that are related to this sub-area such as Fort Joy, Call to Arms, and more. You can also meet various merchants here and Leya who can remove all collars of your party members.



Recommended Level: 6+

Notable NPCs: Rattus Perfidus

The related quests for this sub-area are Whitermoore's Soul Jar and A Fate Worse Than Death. Players can also find a well where you can acquire 1 epic ring or belt.



Recommended Level: 5-6

Notable NPCs: Murina the Brave

For this sub-area, players can find related quests such as The Armoury and Artifacts of the Tyrant.


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