Fort Joy Beach is a sub-area in Fort Joy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Fort Joy Beach

fortjoybeach annotated

Notes & Tips

  • There is a chest just south of (A) on the bridge.
  • You gain 600 XP for going to (B), there you will also find The Viper's Tongue.
  • The hidden stash at (5) always contains the Darling Bow, leather armour and some gold.

General Information

  • Location: Fort Joy (Act 1)
  • Recommended Level: 1 - 2


Adjacent Areas


Map Legend

  1. Tam
  2. Viscous Voidlings
  3. The Red Prince
  4. Freshly Buried Corpse
  5. Hidden Stash
  6. Yarrow Flower
  7. Trice
  8. Hidden Chest
  1. Secluded Area
  2. Mountain Top
  3. Passage to Hidden Alcove
  4. Entrance to Fort Joy Ghetto





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