Fort Joy Gate is a notable area in the Fort Joy Ghetto. Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Fort Joy Gate


Notes & Tips

  • If the Black Cat comes too close to this area, Magister Holind will attempt to kill it, saying the cat is bad luck.
    • If Holind misses and the cat leaves the area, Holind's AI will get confused, and attempt to stand in Magister Borris' position.
  • If you wish to pass through the gate, you can lockpick the gate with 1+ Thievery. You can also go up the ladder just to the right of this area; note that you will need some sort of Teleportation ability to access the area and lower the ladder first.
  • Fighting the magisters can be quite difficult. There are two rangers, two swordsman, and a source hound. The easiest way to have an advantage in this fight is to start combat from the high ground to the immediate right of the gate. 
    • You can even use the Teleportation skill from the high ground and "pluck" Magister Alise from the area and into a corner on the high ground without bringing the others into combat. This allows you to fight a magister alone, and reduce the number of enemies for the big fight.
    • pluckalise

Combat Trick: Blocking the ladder

  • When you take the high ground to the right of the gate, the two swordsman will make their way to the ladder and eventually reach you. If you want to completely shut down the fight, you can take an object from the neighboring room and block the ladder. Here's a guide:
    • Step 1: Find an object to block the ladder. I prefer this dressing panel.
      • gateblock 1
    • Step 2: Move and rotate the panel so it can fit through the door.
      • gateblock 2
    • Step 3: Move the panel through the door and to then to the edge of the high ground.
      • gateblock 3
    • Step 4: Drop the panel and rotate it to completely block access to the ladder.
      • gateblock 4

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