Fort Joy Harbour is a location in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Fort Joy Harbour


Notes & Tips

  • All magisters in the area are automatically hostile towards you, as this area is off-limits to Fort Joy prisoners.
  • Fighting in this area can be very difficult. There are two rangers, an inquisitor, a knight, five silent monks, and Dayva. There are very few locations to gain high ground with good sightlines.  The dock itself can prove especially challenging, as ranged characters cannot benefit from high ground range bonuses since the dock is raised.

Combat Trick: The East Platform

  • You can sneak around before beginning combat. Using this, you can start combat with an amazing position on a raised platform to the east. You'll need a self-teleport skill (such as Tactical Retreat or Cloak and Dagger) and the Teleportation skill.
    • Step 1: Sneak around the enemy's view-cones to just before the east platform
      • dockfight 1
    • Step 2: Teleport up to the east platform and begin combat. If you used Cloak and Dagger, combat will begin at Step 3.
      • dockfight 2
    • Step 3: Teleport the harbour chest in front of the ladder, temporarily blocking access to the platform.
      • dockfight 3
    • Step 4: The melee enemies will begin walking towards the chest and attack it. This will waste a few of their turns. The ranged enemies, however, will still be able to attack you. Before the chest is destroyed, prioritize attacking Dayva and the Rangers to eliminate the ranged enemies. During this time, the Inquisitor will most likely use Fossil Strike on you, creating an oil surface on the platform. This will eventually be their downfall.
      • dockfight 4
    • Step 5: Once the chest is broken, all melee combatants will have access to the ladder and begin attacking you. By the time this has happened, enough rounds should have passed where your self-teleport ability has come off cooldown. Use that same skill to escape, where you were when you first teleported up to the platform.
      • dockfight 5
    • Step 6: Now, that oil surface will really come into play. All the melee enemies must make their way down from the platform, while slowed from the oil their ally created. After that, that must travel ALL THE WAY around the harbour to get to you. This distance is enough to make some of the enemy AIs completely give up, and they may start skipping their turns. Use this time to finish off the Inquisitor, and then finish off the rest.
      • dockfight 6

Combat Trick: Range Exploit

Warning: This is an exploit. If you have strong feelings against cheating the game's AI, avoid this trick.

  • If you stand in a specific spot on the Fort Joy wall, you can make a ranged attack against Magister Dayva. However, due to your extreme distance, you aren't considered in-combat. You can attack over and over again, always considered out-of-combat.
    • dockfight rangeabuse

Bug: Doing this sometimes results in the five Silent Monks becoming hostile to the magisters, and the two will fight each other. Any deaths that result from this will not give you any XP.

General Information

  • Location: Fort Joy
  • Recommended Level: 4 - 5


Adjacent Areas



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