Frozen is a status in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Character is frozen like an icicle. Cured by Magic Shell, Bless.

Dodging: -100%

Fire Resistance: +20%

Water Resistance: -20%

Poison Resistance: +20%

Immunity to Stunned

Immunity to Poisoned

Immunity to Charmed

Immunity to Terrified

Immunity to Bleeding

Immunity to Petrified

Immunity to Taunted

Immunity to Sleeping



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    • Anonymous

      Probably the worst of the two disabling cc's, mainly since fire can cancel it and can't be poisoned unlike stunned. It's generally easier to achieve though since a few ice spells multi hit.

      • Anonymous

        Really useful to freeze enemies with evasion if you can't hit their asses. IE. The executioner and her team in driftwood.

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