Gag Order

Gag Order

Destroy [X] Magical Armour magic_armour-icon on target character. Silence target.

Set Silenced for 1 turn
Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

 Requires Scoundrel 2cldwn4
 Costs 1 Memory
 Requires a Dagger
 Range 2.5m

scoundrel-skill Scoundrel

Gag Order is a Scoundrel Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Gag Order Spell Book Location

  • Papa Thrash inside Driftwood's tavern.



Gag Order Requirements



Notes and Tips



Scoundrel Skills
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    • Anonymous

      It is not a super strong skill. It has its uses, but all those comments below are just theory-crafting. Your general initiation with a rogue is backlash which deals physical damage. It poorly compliments this skill which deals magical damage. Mages are mostly located on high ground and for away from the party. The best use for this skill is softening up warriors with low magic armor in order to apply sleep from chloroform.

      • Anonymous

        As someone has pointed out before, it can backstab and trigger statuses. It additionally benefits from other damage buffs like perforation, venom coating and elemental arrowhead (yes, they work on melee) and converts it all into magic armour damage. Easily one of the strongest hitting abilities.

        • Anonymous

          Currently(patch v a very powerful skill. It's 120% per weapon, if using this skill dual-wielding, the off hand weapon does not suffer -50% damage penalty(Sawtooth Knife doesn't either).If the two wielded daggers have same damage,it's actually 160% (Sawtooth Knife 133.3%) for 2ap.

          • Anonymous

            So when using 1 dagger and shield/empty hand/wand I'm getting 90%
            but when using 2 daggers I'm getting 120%
            BUT when using 1 dagger and an axe/sword/hammer Im getting 125%
            Need to test more it seems

            • - Extremely situational (mages usually have a lot of magical armor and melee enemies dgaf about silence)
              - Costs 3 AP
              - Can only damage magic armor, will not damage health
              - Barely does any damage (90% DMG for a 3 AP skill is terrible)

              This skill needs buffs, should cost like 1 AP at most with what it does ATM.

              • Anonymous

                Using this from the "Lone Wolf Mark" amulet, it didn't require any daggers, although the skill had "Requires dagger" highlighted in red. I performed it dual wielding an axe and a sword. Maybe it should say "Requires melee weapon"

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