Game Progress Route for Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the basic outline of which locations you will move to in what order. The locations are not 100% fixed, but for the most part the game is linear and you can only go so many ways before advancing the main plot.


Game Progress Route

Location Quests Suggested Level Notes
The Merryweather Troubled Waters 1 Beginning of Game
Fort Joy

The Escape

The Teleporter

The Imprisoned Elf

The Murderous Gheist

Nothing But Childs Play

2-4 Find a way out of Fort Joy
Hollow Marshes The Escape 5-8 Defeat the Shriekers and make your way onto the Lady Vengeance
Sanctuary of Amadia

The Escape

Call to Arms

The Shriekers

5-8 Small hideout where you can barter and get new Skills, along with adnvance the main quest


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