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Garvan is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2. He is located at the Black Bull Tavern, in one of the tables.



NAME information

  •  In-game Description
  • Talents: 
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  • Abilities:
  • : 20% : 20% : 20% : 20% : 20%


Garvan Location

  • The Black Bull pub in Driftwood



  • Garvan's Head
  • ??



Notes and Tips

  • This NPC is originally neutral, and is only hostile if certain choices are made during the quests "Hostile Takeover" or "Red Ink In The Ledger"
  • If you do end up fighting him do not do so in the pub, as you will involve many innocents. Instead, go behind the pub and interact with the occupied outhouse in order to recieve a recipe for Tainted Stew. Craft the Tainted Stew and offer it to Garvan in place of regular stew, this will cause him to rush out of the pub and into the outhouse, where you can fight him without involving innocents.

  • Killing Garvan will cause him to drop his severed head. Eating it as an Elf will grant you a bonus trait that gives you +1 Bartering.

  • You can pickpocket him beforehand to recieve a key, some gold, and two specialty grenades.

    • Anonymous

      09 Dec 2018 21:50  

      Before handing over the head in mid-dialog, Ifan turned into Lizard with Fane's mask, ate the head to get the permanent bartering bonus and then finished the quest with a reward.

      • Anonymous

        20 Sep 2018 20:51  

        Eat his head as an Elf for +1 bartering, want to put on a human such as lohse who already have native +1 bartering? NP, use fanes mask to switch to Elf, eat head, back to human, profit

        • Anonymous

          07 Aug 2018 19:21  

          I just teleported him outside so that i would not involve the entire pub. It worked well, none of the people in the pub joined in the fight :) So killing him was easy!

          • Anonymous

            05 Jul 2018 16:10  

            I killed him for the spirit Liam quest (even though he was clearly s spiteful spirit and the writing suggested you might not want to help him commit murder). Sadly I found no dialogue way of making Garvan fight me so I initiated. I tteleported him into the ally in hopes we could fight there without everyone else caring - yet the whole bar turned on me. I was level 16 at the time so I wiped them all out easily, quests were already done there anyway. Unless some of them were going to show up in the next's just more XP! Yay!!

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