Gawin is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2).



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  • When a player first approaches Gawin he will converse with them (Choose options stating you are alone). Informing them of a way out of Fort Joy, but they must first obtain the Teleportation gloves from nearby Crocodiles (marked on the map). Once they are obtained he will run out of the gate in Fort Joy (the one you entered through) and go East to a cliffside. The player will be able to teleport him across the chasm, or drop him into the sand bar below. He will abandon you, betray you, either way and will leave you. His body can be found later, unless you follow him and defend him. If he's dropped in the sand bar he can be found dead by Kniles' pets.
  • Be aware; once you have teleported him you will not be able to buy his Aerothuerge books, as he will likely be dead. It is advised you buy the books you need before completed his quest. But also before being teleported can be killed to retrieve the book as well.
  • If you complete the teleporter quest, he runs off. Where he goes is Fort Joy (X:478 Y:164) (Hollow Marshes Voidwoken Deep-dweller fight). He dies in that spot, even if there are no enemies.



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    • Anonymous

      25 Feb 2019 05:52  

      Before completing quest, give him 100 gold to get to 100 attitude. Then buy 3 books first from him. Then kill him to gain the other 4 aerotheurge skill books + Gawin's Robe + 200 XP for kill. You won't get the money back, but it's def a discount.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jan 2019 06:08  

        He dropped 5 of his 6 books on death (might be rng though?). Was able to complete the quest and loot him right away by teleporting him to his destination then immediately attacking him with a scroll. Once dead, I could teleport his corpse back to me and loot it then trade the gloves to a party member to teleport me back up and go on my merry way.

        • Anonymous

          08 Nov 2018 01:18  

          Depending on when you talk to him, he will run into one of several groups of mobs. The pier with the magisters, the beach with the undead (near the witch), the flaming pigs area, and then his forced demise. I didn't try an AoE, but he was not able to be directly targetted once ported to the far side (had rest of my party camped). Note that you can't get stuck here unless you ignored all waypoints somehow, and you can use them to port your group together again. You could probably cut him off using the bridge waypoint as well, assuming the areas between are clear.

          • Anonymous

            23 Oct 2018 01:32  

            For the tomes u want to get level 4 and as long as you teleport one of your party member over and wait for Gawin to die, you can sneak (Default key 'C') to loot the corpse containing the valuables (tomes and chestpiece). Worked for me at least, dont need any sort of leap skill. Remember to save because there's some weird RNG with the dying position sometimes.

            • Anonymous

              23 Sep 2018 00:49  

              1. Start the Quest 2. Kill the Crocodiles and loot the Teleportation Gloves 3. Inform him that you have the gloves 4. Get to level four and learn a leap skill 5. Go to him and trade so you see his inventory 6. Exit inventory and teleport him to the ledge 7. After he teleports you to the ledge, leap to the other side 8. Teleport him over to you for 1200 XP 9. Follow him as he runs into a fight with the magisters at the pier 10. Kill him with a ranged weapon from behind for 200 XP 11. Go back and loot his body Side Note: If you kill an NPC, they drop random items or nothing at all unless a unique item comes from them. When you check their inventory via trading, they will usually have the more expensive stuff on their person as loot. Essentially, Gawain would just drop his robe if you didn't trade him, but because you checked his inventory, he will also drop his more expensive skill books which is why you waited for level four to finish this quest. Hope this helps for those of you trying to conserve funds.

              • Anonymous

                19 Sep 2018 07:11  

                Or you just find him at Flenser playground dungeon and loot all books from his corpse. D1ngospo ~ Honor mode!

                • Anonymous

                  06 Jul 2018 01:15  

                  If you wait till 4, you can tp your party over before sending him, engage the fight, and get not only the quest bonus, but also all his books.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Feb 2018 01:39  

                    He betrayed me, later when i made it to the Fort Joy docks, his corpse was laying there with all the books i didnt purchase.

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Oct 2017 00:31  

                      Dear ALl; i just played into the deepest dungeons of the fort joy prison - Found Kniles- his journal AND GAWIN dead in his prison :) #betrayal to his own death - #Retard for not stayin after all the teleporting - 4x5 20s per teleport is a bit much.. make it 3 - :D
                      LOVE this game, supported the first biiiiggg time, plays without cheats :D even pirate-_-bought the second and playing skeletal to make my contribution to this AMAZING LARIAN STUDIOS _ p.s. i tested before i bought, I own all the divinity games except original sin 1 - PRAISE to this ONE studio that still makes extraordinary experiences into their games . may you live forever, and forever more; the threads of time are defined by your existence,

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Oct 2017 16:16  

                        After teleporting him across to the dock, I went ahead and fought all the battles up until the Voidwoken Deepdweller. I ran ahead of him and when I was fighting, he sat back and cowered. Then, after the battle he ran to his usual spot and fell over dead. Is it possible to keep him alive?

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Sep 2017 04:05  

                          Some devs are definetly stupid to screw you over for completing his stupid quest the first time. Now I cant buy the spells I want for a while just because troll devs. Get fired!

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Sep 2017 02:33  

                            If you managed to fight along side him at the peer he will continue running into the wood, you will likely find him dead at the spot where the big ol voidwoken appears.

                            • 23 Sep 2017 01:14  

                              After comlete the quest with teleportation Gawin on the other side, later i find him on the battle with magisters, we fight together and after battle without a word he goes away to the wood, but i kill him

                              • 20 Sep 2017 05:53  

                                If you talk to her with an elf party member, (before you tell her that her daughter is dead), it will open up more dialog. Note: you can only talk to her with the elf a couple times before she will ignore you.

                                • Anonymous

                                  18 Sep 2017 06:35  

                                  How long will I have to wait for an opportunity to find/craft/buy aerotheurge skill books after Gawin dies during his quest? Or should I just wait to complete his quest until after I've bought all his aero books?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 Sep 2017 13:30  

                                    If you teleport him to the beach below he will go into the cave and then you will find his body in the room with the boss with the meat golems and get some quite good stuff off his corpse (as long as you have not killed the boss first)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      15 Sep 2017 22:45  

                                      Possibly the most pointless betrayal ever in a video game. Makes sense from a gameplay perspective but the writing doesn't explain why he would rather make an enemy out of you than teleport you and go your separate ways or better yet stick with you for protection (you just managed to kill 3 wizard crocodiles after all). Horrible writing in my opinion.

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