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A Gheist is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

 Gheists were former Sourcerers who were converted by Magisters into their now monstrous forms. While many Sourcerers became Silent Monks after the Magisters performed their source-draining procedure, the most powerful Sourcerers to meet this cruel fate became Gheists. Gheists tend to be personal servants and body guards to the most powerful magister agents, like Dallis and the White Magisters. 


Gheist information

  •  In-game Description
  • Talents: Opportunist, Walk it Off
  • Skills:
  • Flags: 
  • Abilities:
  • : -- :50 :-- :-- :--


Gheist Locations

  • Dallis' personal Gheists are encountered just after arriving at the Fort Joy gate. They will leave with Dallis after the player finishes the dialogue.
  • A Gheist is fought during the Bishop Alexandar fight in Act I
  • Additional Gheists are fought on the Lady Vengeance before arriving in Act II at various times
  • Another Gheist encounter occurs in the City of Arx in Act IV.


Gheist Drop

  • ??
  • ??



Notes and Tips

  • Gheists are formidable foes with powerful scoundrel abilities that allow them to jump to you and chain attacks between opponents. They have high strength and finesse, primarily operating out of the latter. They deal very large physical damage if they can get close enough for a chain backstab attack
  • Gheists are vulnerable to movement-restricting effects due to their melee/scoundrel focus. They have high base movement due to their scoundrel skill. Physical damage dealers will have to rip off a little more armor, but will find abilities causing cripple to be highly effective at preventing them from being able to do much. On the magic armor side, slowed, shocked, and chilled will be good at wasting their AP on movement, preventing massive physical damage. In general, you want to keep distance and use ranged attacks if you can.
  • Gheists are one of the few enemies you will encounter with the Walk it Off Talent, meaning negative status effects against them will not last as long. Keep this in mind when applying status effects that you intend to last for longer than 1 turn.

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