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Gheists are an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Gheists are former Sourcerers who were converted by Magisters into their now monstrous forms. While many Sourcerers became Silent Monks after the Magisters performed their source-draining procedure, the most powerful Sourcerers to meet this cruel fate became Gheists. Gheists tend to be personal servants and body guards to the most powerful magister agents, like Dallis and the White Magisters. 


Gheist information


Gheist Locations

  • A pair of unique Gheists are encountered right at the beginning of the game, both called The Hammer's Pet, at the entrance to Fort Joy.
  • A Gheist is fought during the Bishop Alexandar fight in Act I.
  • Additional Gheists are fought on the Lady Vengeance before arriving in Act II at various times.
  • Two miniature-looking Gheists can be seen at the Well of Ascension in a cutscene in Act III.
  • Another Gheist encounter occurs in the City of Arx in Act IV.


Gheist Drop

  • Cloth scraps and a random essence item.



Notes and Tips

  • Gheists act as a form of miniboss assassin-like class under the control of the Magisters. They possess high strength and finesse, and with their Scoundrel skills can very easily jump from one character to the next to perform devastating backstab attacks. Their bladed hands can also inflict bleeding upon characters without physical armour.
  • Since they're melee-Scoundrel characters, Gheists are very weak to movement impairing effects such as Cripple, as much of their damage comes from their ability to get behind a character and repeatedly backstab them.
  • Gheists cannot use ladders. If an area of the battle is only accessible via ladder, putting that ladder between you and the Gheist will render them practically useless - at least until their teleports come off cooldown.
  • Due to their Walk It Off talent, Gheists are very resilient when struck with crowd control abilities. Keep this in mind if you intend to deny them movement with abilities that would usually last multiple turns.
  • They look almost exactly the same as a Shrieker, albeit with a strange metal mask over their cloth hood, rather than just the hood itself.

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