Gil is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Gil Information

  • Shirtless Dwarf that is first seen talking to Beast at the table in the centre of the room
  • He is a yellow-bellied coward and is willing to ditch everybody on the ship in order for his own survival, as seen later



Gil Location

  • Gil first appears in The Hold sitting a table with Beast (Coordinates: X:49 Y:-241)



Notes and Tips

  • May give you the idea of fighting the Magisters on the ship in which all the companions will help you in. Doing so will net you extra experience early on, but the fight may be hard if you do not have any skills that don't require weapons.
  • If Gil is killed, he is not on the lifeboat at the end of the prologue and you will miss a little bit of dialogue.

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