Gloves in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are protective equipment worn by player characters and NPCs on their hands. Players can find gloves as part of quest rewards, purchase them from Merchants and obtain them from defeated Enemies. Players can create gloves via Crafting.




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Rune Slots




Ave Layal None

+5 Intelligence
+2 Constitution
+2 Wits
+2 Necromancer
+6 Initiative
Immunity to Silenced
Grants Skill: Silencing Stare

Finesse 14 Locked chest in the Owlmistress office in the southern portion of Kemm Gardens
House of War Apprentice Bracers ?? ?? ?? ??
Gloves of Acquisition -- +2 Thievery
+10% Poison
+1 Wits
+0.5 Movement
Finesse ?? The pickpocket in Driftwood has these on  them. They can be pickpocketed from her or looted after her death.
Gloves of Teleporation None Grants skill Teleportation Intelligence 10 On a beach to the West of Fort Joy, as part of The Teleporter.
Justinia's Favour -- +1 Barter
+1 Lucky Charm
20 Air Resistance
12 Fin Related to "Heroes' Rest" quest.
Knight of Amadia's Gloves None
+10% Fire Resistance
+10% Water Resistance
+10% Air Resistance
+1 Pyrokinetic
+1 Hydrosophist
+1 Aerotheurge
Intelligence 14 Given by the priest of Amadia in her temple on the Nameless Isle.
Mitts of Manipulation ?? ?? ?? ??
Second Skin 1 +1 Finesse
+10% Poison Resistance
+1 Huntsman
11 Fin Salamander fight in Act 1 on the beach, need 14 wits to see dig spot OR ability to talk to the squirrel who will show you the dig location. 
Silk spider gloves -- +30% Poison Resistance
Inflict Poisoned on Contact
12 Fin Given by the Weaver at Ryker's rest after offering her human's limbs.
Wizard Temple Gloves ?? ?? ?? ??
The Destroyer's Gloves --

+3 Strength
+10% Fire Resistence
+10% Earth Resistence
Grants Skill: Reactive Armour

13 Str  Can be found after killing Undead Black Ring Destroyer on Bloodmoon Island.
The Hands of the Tyrant None

+10% Water Resistance
+1 Two-Handed

Strength 11 Found in the secret room inside Braccus Rex's Tower. See quest.


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    • Anonymous

      Gloves of teleportation are without a doubt the most underrated gloves in the game. a free Teleportation skill is never not useful. Never EVER sell or discard these gloves. They can be used all the way to end-game.

      • Anonymous

        dwarven female who bumps into you in driftwood has gloves that give +2 thievery. Easy to pickpocket and together with racht muvora, gareth's parent dagger and any belt with thievery (pretty common), you won't have problem with money since the start of act 2 (there's also shadow princes signet, but at that point you won't really need it all that much)

        • Anonymous

          Wizard Mitts (Level 3, Req 10 INT):
          7 Magical Armour
          2 Physical Armour
          +1 Thievery
          Reward from winning the arena battle in Fort Joy (Underground)

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