The Gloves of Teleportation are unique gloves in Divinity Original Sin 2.

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  • The gloves are dropped by a Saltwater Crocodile on the outskirts of the Fort Joy Ghetto. ( X: 120 | Y: 215 )
  • You can tell which Crocodile drops the gloves, as it is the only one with magic armour, and has a teleportation skill.

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    • Anonymous

      I don't understand why is it so freaking hard to add the stupid cordinates... u open the map and u have 'm why not put the numbers and get it done with it instead of fking "northwest" BS

      • Anonymous

        There's a bug with the new Captain's Armor set you can use to make these level 8. Any glove or pants you have equipped at the time you equip the complete Captain's Armor set will automatically jump to level 8 if it is below that.

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