Grebb the Scholar

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood
Suggested Level Any
Next Quest n/a
Previous Quest n/a

Grebb the Scholar is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act II. In Definitive Edition, it is no longer an actual quest — does not appear in the Quest Log nor does it grant experience — although the dialogue options and herb rewards are still present.


 Important NPCs



  1. Consume three different Void-tainted fish, each with a different character, then speak to Grebb with a fourth character.



  • In the Driftwood fishery (X:300 Y:90), Grebb is researching Void-tainted fish. If you agree to eating them for his observations, he will give your party 4,000XP for each fish for a total of 12,000XP per character and some items.
  • In Definitive Edition of the game, however, he will not give any XP.
  • He will give you a choice among Void-tainted Crimson Bream, Void-tainted Yellow Ridgeback, and Void-tainted Umber Monkfish. Once eaten, your character will suffer food poisoning for a few turns, but nothing life-threatening.
  • He will then give a herb mix depending on what fish you've eaten — Ferocity herb mix for the Bream, Alertness for the Ridgeback, and Enlightenment for the Monkfish — and recommends you combine each herb mix with their respective Void-tainted fish to create more potent versions.


 Tips & Tricks

  • If you have a full party but one or more of your characters have caused hostilities with Grebb or any of the other dwarfs in the fishery, they won't be able to contribute to the quest. Be careful not to antagonize any of the dwarfs through conversation.
  • Hired characters may be used to finish this quest if you do not have a full party.
  • Changing forms using the Mask of the Shapeshifter will count as you being a different character and can be used to finish this quest.
  • The herb mixes are used with the Dreamer Pipe in Effie's Emporium, giving long-lasting buffs (100 turns comparing to 50 turns with ordinary mixes which you can buy from Effie).
  • Killing Grebb awards 2,000 experience (tested in Definitive Edition).



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    • Anonymous

      Eating the yellow fish will remove your clothing. So if you´re playing undead will make the guards attack you (if not transformed with shapeshifter mask).

      • Anonymous

        I was so excited at first. Thought that I would get a permanent +5 or at least a +1 boost to a given attribute after going through the whole chain. Alas, another temporary buff...

        • Anonymous

          on ps4 difinitive edition, i got no XP, no quest/journal updates and only received the drugs as a reward :(

          • Anonymous

            Ferocity herbmix for the Bream gives +2 Start AP & +2 AP recovery, Alertness for the Ridgeback gives +8 Wits, Enlightenment for the Monkfish Gives +8 intelligence. I have not tried the others with other combinations but I am assuming they would give Finesse or Strenght or Constitution, I am sure by reading this you already know which one is the best so I don't think there is any point to even try the others.

            Regarding the quest, you need to use either 4 different characters to do it (You can use mercenaries), or simply use less of them but use the Mask of the Shapeshifter to switch between the races and do the same dialogue the same way but choose one of the remaining fishes (You can't choose the same one anyway, it's not on the list anymore). Once you do this a 3rd time, you'll get your reward, BUT the quest is not yet closed, You'll need to do this a 4th & final time, but this time he'll tell you that he doesn't need anymore help, thus closing the quest for good.

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