Green Tea


-2 AP Cost

Item Type Consumable
Craftable Yes
Duration 3 turns
AP Cost 0
Weight 0
Value 0

Green Tea is a consumable in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"Best enjoyed near the hearth on a rainy day."


Green Tea is one of the best consumables as it lowers the AP cost of using your abilities by 2, down to a minimum of 1. This allows you to spam 3 AP skills for only 1 AP and cast 4 AP skills like Onslaught for only 2 AP. This provides a massive increase in the amount of damage you can inflict in a single turn, allowing difficult fights to become rather easy. Even better, it does not require any AP to consume and is weightless. Unlike other food and drink, it cannot be poisoned.


Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

Cooking pot Teapot tea_herbs Green Tea Leaves

Where to find:

  • Can be received as a gift from Lady Kemm in Arx if you have the Noble tag
  • Can be crafted in Lady Kemm's Teapot on the table in front of her

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    • Anonymous

      As fun as it's OP. Good to know Larian doesn't compromise in fun for the sake of balance in a single player game.

      • Anonymous

        Why does this item even exist? We definitely did not need again another way to triviliaze basically every single combat encounter in the game

        • Anonymous

          to make this game halfway fun, I have never used this even on tactician/honor. I don't use the Idol of Resurrection, Living on the Edge, invisibility, nor Skin Graft scrolls. It's not fun when it's too easy.

          • And when I thought herb mixes were OP this thing came into play. If somehow you weren't obliterating everything in your sight at Act 4, this thing ensures enemies won't even have a turn

            • This is honestly one of the stupidest items in the game. With a regular 4 AP character, Green Tea allows you to go from 1 3 AP ability to 4 3 AP abilities in one turn.

              At the very least, this should cost you 1 AP to consume. Even if the tea gave you 1 AP and the leaves some silly minor buff, this would STILL be one of the best consumables in the game.

              Go into the final battle with some green tea and a bunch of Resist Death scrolls (which are easy to make with Alien Shadow Essences, Paper, and Giblets, and it only costs 1 AP to use it after using Green Tea) and you are literally unstoppable.

              • Anonymous

                I was struggling with Adramahlihk, no candles, first playthrough. This allowed me to burst him down and almost kill him in a single character's turn. With better set up or combined with Apotheosis and Skin Graft, I think I could have done Onslaught twice and killed him outright.

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