Green Tea Leaves


-1 AP Cost

Item Type Consumable
Craftable Yes
Duration 2 turns
AP Cost 0
Weight 0
Value 150

Green Tea Leaves is a consumable in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"Steeped in water, it makes a highly-prized drink with earthy, calming properties."


Green Tea Leaves should be used to craft Green Tea as this will double the bonus and add an additional turn to the duration. However, even by itself it is one of the best consumables as it lowers the AP cost of using your abilities by 1, to a minimum of 1. This allows you to spam 2 AP skills for only 1 AP and cast 3 AP skills for only 2 AP. This provides a large increase in the amount of damage you can inflict in a single turn, allowing difficult fights to become rather easy. Even better, it does not require any AP to consume and is weightless. Unlike other food and drink, it cannot be poisoned.


Where to find:

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    • Anonymous

      this is easily the most broken item in the game. haste + green tea + apotheosis + skin graft + high any elemental skill(s) = 1 ap nuke spam for 2 straight turns of utter hellfire and brimstone. brew it into the tea for -2 ap cost at her teapot and make as much as you can.

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