Griff is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2).



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    • Anonymous

      02 Jul 2019 07:06  

      If you sweet talk Butter (she is on the ledge above) she fights with you instead of against you. Makes it a lot easier.

      • Anonymous

        25 Nov 2018 11:55  

        If you get 100 rep with him by giving him unwanted items, him and his gang will help fight anyone trying to attack you. Let's just say Patrolman Klaus and his dog made a mistake trying to get me while talking to Griff.

        • Anonymous

          14 Nov 2018 08:42  

          Ok I don't know the advantages of keeping this guy alive. Maybe a lot because of items, spellbooks and such, since the people around come to help in the fight. But welcoming other prisoners asking for money or anything they have is unfair, this guy is bad and deserves to die.

          • Anonymous

            15 Dec 2017 22:44  

            You meet his wife at some point, called Beryl Griff. She refers to him as "my Griff". Does this make him Griff Griff?

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