Grog the Troll

Grog the Troll is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Grog the Troll information

  • Grants quest Business Rivals.
  • Has an apparent rivalry with Marg the Troll.
  • Fire stops the troll blood effect that regenerates vitality every round.



Grog the Troll location

  • Grog the Troll first appears in Cloisterwood at Reaper's Coast
  • Appears East of the Pilgram Camp at Arx if not killed in Reaper's Coast



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    • Anonymous

      04 Jun 2021 22:14  

      there is a green noxious bulb down to the right, drag it over to him and then light it up, just be careful not hit him directly with any attack that cast fire

      • Anonymous

        18 Apr 2021 12:40  

        Teleported 20 total corpses on him while he was blocked by indestructable chests, casted laser ray on him to start a fight and set him on fire, and with mass corpse explosion one shotted him

        • Anonymous

          11 Apr 2021 06:18  

          This is how I killed grog as lvl 10. Put rain or blood down. Have 1 caster with air wand. Electrify the rain/blood. Now each wand cast will apply shocked so you can perma stun using 2 wand attacks per turn. Then you need some way to apply burning as well. I used lizard + lvl 1 fire spell.

          • Anonymous

            31 Mar 2021 13:08  

            I just blocked him with 2 indestructible ornate chests and slowly burned him to dead with fane. He won't attack since his only attack is poison on that range and it has no effect on fane :)

            • Anonymous

              05 Mar 2021 19:16  

              I did this by waiting until he was on the far side of the bridge, casting laser ray on him, and blocking him with elemental totems, and incarnates. With two on the bridge, he can't cross it, and usually on kills one per turn. I never actually hit him with my characters, just kept summoning fire totems.

              • Anonymous

                20 Feb 2021 11:42  

                shackles of pain + living on the edge + move towards him and let him use an attack of opportunity on you = gg

                you can also cheese this fight even more with Fane. Make the above combo but instead of triggering Grog's opportunist talent, you should drink a giant health potion, which will damage you (as undead) and also Grog.

                Also, make sure to cripple/cc him so he doesn't one-shot you (if that ain't obvious already).

                • Anonymous

                  31 Jan 2021 06:30  

                  Another easy way is to terrain manipulation the deathfog near the ferryman, keep dragging the deathfog over to the bridge. Drag the deathfog ontop of Grog, easy kill.

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Jan 2021 20:24  

                    Easiest way to kill Grog is to use the telekinesis chest exploit.
                    Take the golden chest from behind the magisters house, fill it with barrels, packages and other heavy things to get it up and weight 1000+ lbs. Using a character with telekinesis, even telekinesis 1 will work, move the now VERY HEAVY chest to the bridge. Every single time it's your turn, move the chest so it just hits his character model. This will deal approximately 600 damage on average and he'll be dead after you use only 10-15 action points.
                    If you're lucky then you'll crit often and he'll be dead way faster.

                    Personally just killed him this way, and it even works wonders on group battles if you take the feat that gives you plus 2 actions points every time you kill and enemy, and to gain even further damage keep adding more stuff to the chest, giving it more weight.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Nov 2020 18:21  

                      if you teleport both poison traps in the area onto the bridge then set fire to one of them they will constantly trigger to kill him then teleport away when done

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Mar 2020 09:05  

                        Just did as level 13, used all my fire stuff...even switching my tidalist to fire wands i had. Got a lvl 18 ring with 183 magic armour and +1 warfare, necro, +2 cons....insane for my eternal warrior! holy crap best loot so far

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Feb 2020 08:26  

                          1. Cast Rain all over the bridge. 2. Use Turn to Oil. 3. Use fire skills/fire arrow from afar. 4. He will take damage from being burned without the need to engage in a fight with him. He doesn't even heal himself. 5. Repeat until he's burnt into a crisp. 6. Profit!

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Feb 2020 03:03  

                            all of you with your elaborate schemes when all i did to kill him was apply living on the edge to my polymorph character to keep them at 1 health then used forced exhange to swamp my 1 health with his 10k+ health. set him up for an easy 1 shot kill

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Nov 2019 15:19  

                              Loremaster level 6 shows Grog to be level 18! Evasive aura is very helpful pre fight via source orb in amulet, bouncing shield and fire incarnate fully buffed(pre fight) does heavy damage, setting atrophy will make him do contamination so beware necrofire on the narrow bridge but better that then getting your tank 1 shot, Ruptured tendons also works great while spacing him away so he bleeds and burns at the same time, torturer talent to negate shield if that helps set status, I found he began to flee the fight when his health got below half, but on other occasions he didn't. Was level 12 on first attempt and kept losing so came back at level 14, kept him on fire, status effects to make him miss go and deal damage over time, didn't get hit once, he was only able to fortify and do one contamination the entire fight, but lost a party member to necrofire after fight.

                              • 16 Nov 2019 18:53  

                                easy way to kill (honor mode, level 11). use fire and oil barrels to create slow and fire arrows. grog is too slow to chase while slowed. having fire elemental totems also helps alot.

                                • Anonymous

                                  11 May 2019 19:55  

                                  Can be killed by kiting and burning ground + fire damage skills. Ensnare is also amazing for this because it roots him in the fire. He has no magic armour, very vulnerable to magic CC

                                  • Anonymous

                                    15 Mar 2019 03:40  

                                    Easy method of killing Grog is to kite him up to Jahen just north of his bridge. Jahen will join on your side and, being level 20, will tear him apart with impunity.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      09 Nov 2018 14:57  

                                      There is a plant thing that generates poison nearby, down the hill. Teleport that up to the bridge, place it right near Grog and set the poison cloud on fire from a distance. This will keep you from starting the fight while continuously damaging him. By time his hp is down to 400 ish, talk to him - he will die almost instantly, clearing the quest.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        03 Jul 2018 07:33  

                                        I beat him 5 levels below his (at level 13) and probably could have done it earlier, it's a great move for the XP and the tactics:
                                        -clean the bridge (use rain on the poison)
                                        -one character shocking him
                                        -one character hitting him with fire
                                        -other characters can do whatever as long as they aren't healing him (examine him for his strengths/weaknesses)

                                        He's weak to fire which is the only reason I thought I might beat him. If he gets a turn to act he'll heal and kill my tank in one shot, but after learning this the hard way I realized I could keep him shocked and burning every round....this makes him completely unable to heal or hit you. I didn't talk to him, I just started attacking him with a shock attack right off the bat. Later I probably could have turned him into a chicken but all it seemed to take was a bunch of shocking attacks (spells, presumably arrows would work of shocking type) and fire attacks. At one point my water was vaporized (by my fireball probably) and that created steam which made targeting him hard, luckily I had shocking touch and other close quarter methods so I kept rolling until he dropped. I'm level 16 now and still using the ring he dropped on that day when I was level 13! So load up on fire and shocking skills/spells and blast away!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          07 May 2018 03:22  

                                          If you have the polymorph surface swap skill you can use the lava near hnaag and carry it there (may take a minute)

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