While sneaking, Guerilla increases attack damage by 40%. Also reduces cost of entering sneak mode by 1 AP.

Requirement:Sneaking 1

Guerilla is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



    • Anonymous

      11 Apr 2019 07:05  

      This only works on a sneaky attack at the start of the round. Sneaking mid-combat is completely useless. Enemies still somehow detect you and move towards you, making your sneak fail, and even if you successfully sneak+attack for extra damage it's infinitly worse than just stabbing them 2~3 times for the same AP. Even if this talent reduced sneak AP cost down to 2 AND raised the damage buff to +100% It's slightly worse than just attacking normally. 3AP to sneak and 40% damage buff? Yeah no, it sucks ass.

      • Anonymous

        11 Jan 2018 13:56  

        How to do anything at all with this talent: separate character with guerilla from party, have them enter sneak and exit opaque red areas. Then engage combat with main group. Play combat until last friendly character's turn in round. Have character with guerilla maneuver through/around enemy (careful of the opaque red areas) into desired position, then basic attack. They will do their 40% extra dmg, and enter combat end of round. If your party has a low wit character and the guerilla is high wit, this may result in their getting the guerilla attack followed by two turns in a row.

        All of that can also be done without 40% more damage on the first attack for what will usually be the same effect. This talent is garbage and you're better off with other stuff, imo.

        Another note: if the combat has a dialog before it, you can very often maneuver/position characters not in the dialog freely before combat begins, without sneaking (not true of all encounters though). Just be sure to enter sneak before the engage (clicking "end" in the dialog) if you want to use a guerilla attack.

        • Anonymous

          05 Oct 2017 12:46  

          Sneaking and invisibility are two different states. Therefore, it doesn't work with invisibility.
          Additionally, it doesn't work with skills (at least for Huntsman -tested with balistic shot and assasinate).

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