Dallis the Hammer
Location Arx
Suggested Level 20
Next Quest End Times
Previous Quest The Arena of the One

Hammerfall is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The final battle draws near; will you be able to solve the puzzles of Lucian's tomb, or die trying?



Important NPCs



Hammerfall Objectives

  1. Pass the Trial of Blood.
  2. Pass the Crypt of Lucian.
  3. Pass the Line of Anguish.



Hammerfall Walkthrough

This main quest is acquired once you reach Act IV, the Hunt for Dallis.

Speak to Malady, and she will remind you that your purpose here in Arx is to kill Dallis.She suggests that you start searching for her amongst the local Divine Order.

The harbour has been overwhelmed by the Voidwoken; defeat them so you can explore the Lord Dread - Dallis' ship. Interacting with the Lord Dread will tell you that Dallis is older than it, despite it having lived as an Ancestor Tree and an elf prior to its current form. Don't forget to loot the chest for a powerful unique amulet for mages. Also loot both the rooms below te hatches north and south of the ship.

Travel through the bridge to reach the city of Arx. You will need to defeat some Voidwoken on the bridge, starting the quest, "Battle at the Gates".

Inside Arx, you will learn from some paladins hunting Magisters that Dallis can be found inside the cathedral. Talk to the now ruling Paladin Lord Linder Kemm.

In order to get in the cathedral, you need to complete the quest "The Vault of Linder Kemm"/"Finding Lord Arhu" as you need Lord Arhu to proceed the sub-quest "Wisdom of the Keeper" (which replaced the quest A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares) to learn how to enter the tomb of Lucian.

You could skip the following preparations by walking the Path of Blood and passing Lucians purity test. This is a hard achievement (Puritan's Walk) as a lot of things in your playthrough will cause you to die. Hiring a new party member cheats Lucian, as they are fresh and pure. You theoretically still "need" Arhu to explain the Room of Death, but well, you are reading this guide already.


Wisdom of the Keeper

Find Lord Arhu and Toyseller Sanders. Get Lord Arhu to help you enter the Tomb of Lucian. He will then send you to Toyseller Sanders for additional instructions.
Convince Sanders (by force) to help you. Sanders has a Source amulet, which you will need to fill with five souls. There is an unlimited Source fountain is in Arhu's prison. Source orbs and Vampirism do work as well.
Once the amulet is full Sanders will send you to fetch the Scroll of Atonement from his locked desk in the upper floor. It is the second part of bypassing the Path of Blood.
Some of Sander's Moppets will attack you on the upper floor because the God King possessed them. The password for the protected desk is "Giyora".
Talk to Lord Arhu again to learn about the Room of Death.


The Righteous

Once you have the knowledge on how to traverse the traps made by Lucian from Lord Arhu and the amulet and scroll from the Toyseller, you may proceed into the cathedral. Remember to finish all your side quests and companion quests before proceeding. You will gain Exploration XP upon approaching the cathedral.

Head forwards, towards the Path of Blood, where a Hopeful Pilgrim will run ahead of you and attempt it. Obviously, he will be struck dead, and you can then pass. Pass on forwards and approach the statue, talk to it if you want to pass the purity test of the Path of Blood.
The Back Door: to the left of the statue is a switch as shown in the picture below. Put the Source Amulet acquired from the Toyseller in it, then read the Scroll. The amulet will need to be completely full of source. If done correctly, the button will sink in and a hatch will be revealed.

Once you enter the hatch, you will come to the Crypt of Lucian and immediately earn 80,850XP. There will be a waypoint and puzzle waiting just ahead.

To solve it, first, you need to create some blood on the iron grate, as shown in the picture below:

Cast Blood Rain on this grate. If you do not have Blood Rain, you can attack yourself for some blood or use an Elf's Flesh Sacrifice. Fire and water are blessed, now Bless your blood.

The second step is to align the pipes. Interact with the altar and pick the 2nd option to align the pipes. There are multiple ways to achieve this; here's one of the solutions:


Once you have aligned the pipes correctly, touch the altar and pick the first option to activate it. The glowing stuff will start flowing and after ~30 seconds the puzzle will be solved and the coffin of Lucian will be moved, revealing a secret hatch.
To loot the ornate chest below next to the pipes, you can use Telekinesis to move a Teleporter Pyramid through the barrier.
Now enter the secret hatch below the coffin.

You will come to a place called "Line of Anguish". Interacting with the door ahead will give you a warning. Be careful; when you enter this death room, you will meet with a bunch of source puppets who will interact with the levers and annoy the crap out of you, inflicting annoying statuses such as the cow status and the like. They can be permanently killed by stripping their magic armor and then casting Source Vampirism on them, and you can also use area effect spells to destroy many of them in 1 go. When they are all dead, pull the five levers bearing the initials that spell "POWER". In this case, Potency-Order-Wisdom-Empathy-Righteousness; the sequence does not matter. You can also use one character to turn invisible and activate the levers while your other characters are in battle with the puppets; this will kill all the puppets. The puppets give no XP, although each one killed has a chance of dropping puppet beads (which can be used to make Apotheosis scrolls) and source orbs. The picture below shows the location of the levers:

corrected version

After activating all the levers, the barriers will be cleared. It is time for the final battle. Make sure you are ready before you enter the real Crypt of Lucian, because after this point, you can no longer go back. Ensure you have finished all the quests, memorized your best skills, and equipped your best gear, because the end draws close.

This marks the end of Act IV. Divinity awaits.



Tips & Tricks

  • DE: This fight can be extremely frustrating.  In the worst case, you are repeatedly turned into a cow and pounded on round after round without the chance to fight back or even move.  The limit to how long this goes on is RNG.  Instead, you can make a stealth character with invisibility/cloak and dagger.  Use him to sneak in the back and hit the levers, ending the fight before the enemies have a chance to move.


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    • Anonymous

      29 May 2021 11:26  

      "To loot the ornate chest below next to the pipes, you can use Telekinesis to move a Teleporter Pyramid through the barrier"
      Does not work for me.

      • Anonymous

        27 May 2021 20:50  

        If anyone is having issues with their blood not staying Blessed the entire time (e.g. if you followed picture, the blood trail became unblessed once it crossed with the blessed fire), then use Raining Blood and cover the entire pathway with Blood and bless it.

        • Anonymous

          14 Mar 2021 04:14  

          Split your team in 4 independant characters : Send 3 to left, 1 to right, and activate the levers without taking care of the puppets

          • Anonymous

            28 Feb 2021 00:41  

            Played through on PS4 DE and this all worked as it’s supposed to. Each of my characters hit a puppet for 500+ magic armor damage then Source Vampirismed them and they died in a single round and stayed dead. About to finish my first play though and looking forward to starting over immediately at a harder level, which makes me think it’s a pretty good game.

            • Anonymous

              13 Feb 2021 18:41  

              So I forgot to grab the scroll and am currently in the stature room. The door is locked, cannot be damaged, and I cannot use Sebille to jump through the window. Anyone know how I can get back out of the room??

              I have the amulet on and failed the purity test. I would just reload but I was overwriting my saves (very stupid on my part) and would have to go back ~4 hours.

              • Anonymous

                14 Jan 2021 04:46  

                I got tired of the gimmicky s**t, and just had a character sneak around out of combat while the puppets were frozen in combat with my party.

                • Anonymous

                  14 Jan 2021 02:04  

                  Probably irrelevant for most playthroughs, but if you complete the Path of Blood you get permanent angel wings with the flight ability unlocked. Additionally, you also glow as though you were always blessed.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jan 2021 21:02  

                    The first time around I had a very frustrating time and spent an hour before giving up. The second time I used Chameleon cloak on Sebile (the best mover in my group) separated her from the group to focus solely on pulling the levers. I sent her down the left staircase where three of the five levers are. Managed to pull the first lever in the first turn, the second two in the next turn by adding AP through adrenaline and flesh sacrifice. Then on the next turn I used Phoenix flight to cross over to the right side, pulled one lever then the last. I ended up encountering about six moppets in all and avoided getting turned into a cow. Hope this helps.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Dec 2020 11:30  

                      I hope the dev team received a mountain of negative feedback on this part. If I wanted to play a puzzle game, why did I buy an RPG? The doll encounter is atrocious, tedious, repetitive, and pointless. If I've reached this point, I want to finish the game, and which brilliant mastermind thought he was so brilliant to come up with this nonsense? A total waste of time. If you want to design a difficult encounter, stick with your original game mechanics. Don't turn to silly gimmicks. Don't add this part to another one of your games, Larian Studios.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Dec 2020 11:02  

                        For the puzzle, after it's complete according to the photo above, and once you've hit option 1, it takes 30 secs for the cutscene to start because it takes time for the pipes to fill. Scroll up to watch the pipes.

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Oct 2020 20:05  

                          This quest is bugged in DE right now - when it tells you that you are about to pass the point of no return, you're already locked in and can't go back and e.g. solve the Doctor's House, That's a hard to forgive bug.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Sep 2020 21:05  

                            once you complete the level puzzle - are you able to go back to the city? the door to go back is locked and doesnt open :(

                            • Anonymous

                              09 Jul 2020 01:54  

                              I discovered two cheeses from this ordeal:

                              1. You can hire someone to pass the test and give them the permanent floating buff (it will not disappear once you get it and kill/loot someone)

                              2. In the puppet room you can throw a teleporter pyramid through the wall and dip out of that entire process.

                              • Anonymous

                                08 Jul 2020 01:48  

                                For everyone who is getting stuck on the amulet button problem this fixed it for me. You have to drop and then pick up both the scroll and amulet. Some how it allows the game to recognize that you have the the stuff you need.

                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Jul 2020 00:16  

                                  For those of you still confused about the pipe puzzle, let me state the instructions a different way (tested in DE):
                                  1) Put blood on the grate (Blood Rain, Fane's Flesh Sacrifice, or attacking a party member).
                                  2) Interact with the altar, select option 2. (This should show the pipes)
                                  3) Align the pipes as in the picture in the walkthrough.
                                  4) SAVE YOUR GAME, just in case you made a mistake with the pipes.
                                  5) Bless the blood on the grate.
                                  6) Go to the altar and pick option 1.
                                  7) WAIT for the pipes to be filled.
                                  A cutscene will play once the pipes are filled.

                                  A side note: option 3 resets the puzzle.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    03 Jul 2020 22:23  

                                    As of today (DE), consuming the source of dead puppets does nothing to kill them, they would simply respawn as if nothing had happened. Since my lone wolf party consisted of physical damage dealers only, I could not test if source vampirism worked on 'living' puppets as the text/some comments seem to imply. The pyramid trick (have one character speed down and throw a pyramid through the veil, then teleport) saved me a lot of grey hairs.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      29 Mar 2020 17:15  

                                      The pipe part was dumb asf. I used blood rain around the sewer grate, then blessed it. Then hit the altar and and started turning the cubes like in the photo. once I finished I blessed the grate AGAIN, went back and pressed option 1. Nothing.... After about 30 sec, a short cutscene started and panned to lucians tomb moving. Wtf is happening? What a terrible set of scripted events. This is one of those parts of a quest that are just stupid.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        20 Mar 2020 04:01  

                                        At the end ( A little bit before the puppet fight ) as you walk into the Room that houses the levers (And the puppet fight) If you quickly sneak and walk forward you can avoid the puppets sight lines and then go flick the Levers, afterwards the puppets will shutdown and then you can proceed. ( I found this out by accidentally doing it. )

                                        • Anonymous

                                          04 Jan 2020 00:44  

                                          I understand people being frustrated with the puppet fight. But, wow, this was the most ate eadge of seat experiences in the game. Spent too much time killing them. Found out its pointless. Started pulling levers. Spread my characters across the map. One died. And then insanity started: a deathfog barrel exploaded, killing another one. The last two archer and rouge are on the opposite side from the leaver end of the map. Somehow they are turned into COWS! For two turns! The archer also dies. So, i'm left with only my shadow-blade-Sebille, and she's half down on her vitality too. So I rush through entire map, to pull the lever. And when i get theree, I understand, that I forgot which one to pull. It was fun, although I lost three of the party members)))

                                          • Anonymous

                                            01 Nov 2019 10:42  

                                            I don’t get why people are saying that you need to bless the blood multiple times. Not true at all. One time is enough. 1. Finish the paths so that you’re good to go. 2. Cast Rain of Blood/other blood spell on the pipe entrance. 3. Bless the pipe entrance. 4. Start the puzzle Done!

                                            • 11 Sep 2019 08:31  

                                              Another easy solution to the Puppet Room fight, without fighting the puppets OR PULLING LEVERS: 1. Equip every member of your team with a pyramid 2. Have one character rush down the left staircase to trigger the fight 3. Said character blink/phoenix dive/run to the veil-blocked exit 3. Said character throws his/her pyramid through the veil to the other side 4. Have another character use adreline rush (for the extra 2 AP) and his/her pyramid All your team are now on the other side of veil. Disengage and proceede to the final stage. And remember to pick up the dropped pyramid : )

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