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Suggested Level 20
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Hammerfall is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The final battle draws near; will you be able to solve the puzzles of Lucian's tomb, or die trying?



Important NPCs



Hammerfall Objectives

  1. Pass the Trial of Blood.
  2. Pass the Crypt of Lucian.
  3. Pass the Line of Anguish.



Hammerfall Walkthrough

This main quest is acquired once you reach Act IV, the Hunt for Dallis.

Speak to Malady, and she will remind you that your purpose here in Arx is to kill Dallis.She suggests that you start searching for her amongst the local Divine Order.

The harbour has been overwhelmed by the Voidwoken; defeat them so you can explore the Lord Dread - Dallis's ship. Interacting with the Lord Dread will tell you that Dallis is older than it, despite it having lived as an Ancestor Tree and an elf prior to its current form. Don't forget to loot the chest for a powerful unique amulet for mages.

Travel through the bridge to reach the city of Arx. You will need to defeat some Voidwoken on the bridge, starting the quest, "Battle at the Gates".

Inside Arx, you will learn from some paladins that Dallis can be found inside the cathedral.

In order to get in the cathedral, you need to complete the quests, "A Craftsman of Dreams and Nightmares" and "The Vault of Linder Kemm".

Once you have the knowledge on how to traverse the traps made by Lucian from Lord Arhu and the amulet and scroll from the Toyseller, you may proceed into the cathedral. Remember to finish all your side quests and companion quests before proceeding. You will gain 96,950 Exploration XP upon approaching the cathedral.

Head forwards, towards the Path of Blood, where a Hopeful Pilgrim will run ahead of you and attempt it. Obviously, he will be struck dead, and you can then pass. Pass on forwards and you will earn 134,750 Exploration XP. As you approach the statue, don't bother talking with it; it poses a near impossible challenge for slim payoff. Instead, to the left of the statue, there is a switch as shown in the picture below. Put the Source Amulet acquired from the Toyseller in it, then push the button. The amulet will need to be completely full of source (you may equip and use Source Vampirism to fill it). If done correctly, you will automatically read the Scroll of Atonement and a hatch will be revealed.

Once you enter the hatch, you will come to the Crypt of Lucian and immediately earn 80,850XP. There will be a waypoint and puzzle waiting just ahead.

To solve it, first, you need to create some blood on the iron grate, as shown in the picture below:

Cast Blood Rain on this grate, then cast Bless on it. If you do not have Blood Rain, you can attack yourself for some blood.

The second step is to align the pipes. Interact with the altar and pick the 2nd option to align the pipes. There are multiple ways to achieve this; here's one of the solutions:

Once you have aligned the pipes correctly, cast Bless on the blood surrounding the iron grate, then quickly touch the altar and pick the first option to activate it. The puzzle will be solved and the coffin of Lucian will be moved, revealing a secret hatch. Enter it.

You will come to a place called "Line of Anguish". Interacting with the door ahead will give you a warning. Be careful; when you enter this death room, you will meet with a bunch of source puppets who will interact with the levers and annoy the crap out of you, inflicting annoying statuses such as the cow status and the like. They can be permanently killed by stripping their magic armor and then casting Source Vampirism on them, and you can also use area effect spells to destroy many of them in 1 go. When they are all dead, pull the five levers bearing the initials that spell "POWER". In this case, Potency-Order-Wisdom-Empathy-Righteousness; the sequence does not matter. You can also use one character to turn invisible and activate the levers while your other characters are in battle with the puppets; this will kill all the puppets. The puppets give no XP, although each one killed has a chance of dropping puppet beads (which can be used to make Apotheosis scrolls) and source orbs. The picture below shows the location of the levers:

After activating all the levers, the barriers will be cleared. It is time for the final battle. Make sure you are ready before you enter the real Crypt of Lucian, because after this point, you can no longer go back. Ensure you have finished all the quests, memorized your best skills, and equipped your best gear, because the end draws close.

This marks the end of Act IV. Divinity awaits.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      04 Jan 2020 00:44  

      I understand people being frustrated with the puppet fight. But, wow, this was the most ate eadge of seat experiences in the game. Spent too much time killing them. Found out its pointless. Started pulling levers. Spread my characters across the map. One died. And then insanity started: a deathfog barrel exploaded, killing another one. The last two archer and rouge are on the opposite side from the leaver end of the map. Somehow they are turned into COWS! For two turns! The archer also dies. So, i'm left with only my shadow-blade-Sebille, and she's half down on her vitality too. So I rush through entire map, to pull the lever. And when i get theree, I understand, that I forgot which one to pull. It was fun, although I lost three of the party members)))

      • Anonymous

        01 Nov 2019 10:42  

        I don’t get why people are saying that you need to bless the blood multiple times. Not true at all. One time is enough. 1. Finish the paths so that you’re good to go. 2. Cast Rain of Blood/other blood spell on the pipe entrance. 3. Bless the pipe entrance. 4. Start the puzzle Done!

        • 11 Sep 2019 08:31  

          Another easy solution to the Puppet Room fight, without fighting the puppets OR PULLING LEVERS: 1. Equip every member of your team with a pyramid 2. Have one character rush down the left staircase to trigger the fight 3. Said character blink/phoenix dive/run to the veil-blocked exit 3. Said character throws his/her pyramid through the veil to the other side 4. Have another character use adreline rush (for the extra 2 AP) and his/her pyramid All your team are now on the other side of veil. Disengage and proceede to the final stage. And remember to pick up the dropped pyramid : )

          • Anonymous

            26 Jun 2019 06:06  

            Easy solution to the Puppet Room: 1. Have stealth capable char move into the room alone, and sneak forward, then jump (ability) down before the spawned puppets can see you. 2. Enter with the rest of your party. Combat will start and all the puppets will be stuck in fight time. 3 Use the stealth char to pull the levers spelling POWER (none of the needed levers are up in the fight zone) 4. Feel real smug that what took some hours took you 5 min at most. ;D

            • Anonymous

              05 Apr 2019 07:48  

              I just kept killing the puppets and draining source. If you kill all of this in one round only one will show per turn. Just have to be able to kill and have two ap left to drain every 3rd turn. Took me 15-20 mins. But that's with a character who almost one shotted lucian.

              • Anonymous

                30 Jan 2019 06:16  

                SPOILERS: TO STOP THE PUPPETS: Pull the levers which first letters spell P-O-W-E-R and that will destroy all the puppets. There are TWO final battles: Choose to fight everyone by refusing to sacrifice yourself, OR agree to sacrifice your source and find out that Vredeman is Braccus Rex, then fight him with Dallis and Lucian as allies.

                • Anonymous

                  27 Jan 2019 04:37  

                  The dev. that came up with the doll encounter should be fired. From a cannon. Towards a brick wall. Made of rusty nails, sewage and toxic waste. Multiple times.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Jan 2019 14:06  

                    That was a *****ing joke I found using staff of Magus to drop the magic armour then source vampirism the best way. Still took me over 2 hours ...

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Dec 2018 17:42  

                      It is because of fights like these, that people never bother finishing the game. This isn't fun. It's so much time wasted being annoyed as*****.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Oct 2018 10:35  

                        ------------------------SPOILER--------------------- Those puppets, yeah they will not stop respawn unless; A. you took their source. B. push all the correct lever.

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Sep 2018 01:50  

                          ------------------------SPOILER--------------------- Lucian - You can pass his judgement, Path of Blood to pass ement(Path of Blood), You need to be really pure person. requisite is below. 0. Don't say any against virtue to the statue or lie Don't do any thievery 2. Don't do any murder 3. Don't help any Voidwoken (It may count to help Black Ring. of course, Covenant does.) 4. Don't "drain" any source of people (taking source-liquid may be ok) Because you've killed a lot of people, You can't pass 2 and statue kills you. so I just hired new character, He/She can pass the judgement as he was just created a bit ago! With pure person, Statue of Lucian says "THOU ART PURE." then bless him with flying status as like You cast wing spell permanently. You can use flight every turns as It doesn't expire. Anyway, It'll be difficult to have his bless. Because the one should not kill anyone else. (I believe undeads or animals are ok to kill.) After the ending, I think I will try this challenge. Copy pasted from reddit post made by u/Targal

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Aug 2018 16:43  

                            See to it that the amulet you get from the toymaster is filled with source, if even one point of source is not present it will fall to the ground

                            • Anonymous

                              21 May 2018 00:15  

                              I have the scroll and charged source amulet. After placing the amulet and pressing the button nothing happens. I even tried reading the scroll...still nothing

                              • Anonymous

                                21 Apr 2018 20:15  

                                For the past ten minutes I've been stuck in an endless loop in which a moppet runs towards switch, getting out of range and ending combat, prompting it to run back to its original position, which restarts combat, which sends it back towards the switch, which ends combat., which sends it back towards original position. Such a great game, but some of the bugs are, well, terrible.

                                • Anonymous

                                  20 Mar 2018 10:25  

                                  if for some reason you are short on source orbs or puppet beads just continue to farm the puppets for awhile. They drop both on their loot table. It can be quite useful for scroll crafting.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    09 Feb 2018 17:45  

                                    I spoke to the statue with a mercenary I just recruited. I told it I don't steal, I don't murder innocents, I reject the void, and I don't consume other people's souls. It accepted the answers and gave the mercenary permenant wings.

                                    I spoke to the statue with my custom made main character and the 3 origin companions I picked and I got struck down right at the first question on all. Lol.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      06 Feb 2018 13:16  

                                      BEWARE the lever picture on is wrong.
                                      the middle one on TOP LEFT is wrong one.

                                      You can skip the whole puppet fight with rogue stealthing the levers (i had 50wits)
                                      puppets despawn/die when all right levers are pulled.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        29 Jan 2018 23:50  

                                        You only need to cast bless once
                                        1) Cast rain blood on the iron grate to allow your blood to flow down to the puzzle
                                        2) Choose option 2 of the Altar (or teleport/retreat/jump/dive via right side) to arrange the puzzle so that it allows the flow of the bless fire, bless water and blood (to be blessed later).
                                        3) Choose option 1 of the Altar to start the valve so that the bless fire, bless water and blood to reach the 3 big bowls at the end
                                        4) Only when the 3 bowls are filled with bless fire, bless water and blood, then Cast bless on the blood (iron grate) so the last bowl is filled with bless blood.

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