Fort Joy Prison

Han is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Han information

  • On The Lady Vengeance, Han can be sent out to fetch various crafting ingredients, some of which are very valuable. 
  • After sending him on an errand, he will appear again once you level up.
  • See Nothing But Child's Play for more info.
  • In some cases, Han will not reappear after sending him off to fetch something. The cause (and solution) is unknown.



Han location



Notes and Tips

  • Han can be talked to early on in Act I inside the castle for a pretty easy escape out of Fort Joy, thus giving you an easy way to obtain the "Cat's Out of the Bag!" achievement.
  • ??

    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2019 15:18  

      This little guy can find any consumable item that you've held in your inventory before. Exceedingly useful for early source orb acquisition.

      • Anonymous

        04 Jan 2019 21:54  

        I beat the game and didn't even know who he was... I found this page because he was mentioned in the epilogue.

        • Anonymous

          23 Feb 2018 02:15  

          Dumb question maybe, but how do you get the things Han hunts down for you? I've asked him to find me things, and when he returns he says he got me something (when I ask him). But he doesn't actually give me anything, or have anything on him for me. I thought maybe he sticks it in the storage chest, but nope.

          • Anonymous

            12 Jan 2018 17:16  

            If anyone is worried about picking between him and Trice, you can initiate the boat escape and go to another character to get Trice out while keeping the boat there for the escape dialogue for Han.

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