Hannag is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Hannag information

  • Hannag is one of the NPCs that can train the player in Source, however you may need to give up Pet Pal talent.
  • After going through Shadow over Driftwood quest Ifan will want to talk to Hannag if you passed the speech check with Zanisima.
  • She is involved with the Fair Weather Friends and Powerful Awakening quests. 
  • She sells SkillBooks (Requires Source to Use Them)



Hannag location



Notes and Tips

  • Accepting Hannag's Source training will come at the cost of the Pet Pal Talent. However, if Pet Pal is taken after accepting her training, then the Talent will work normally, and the player will be able to talk to animals.
  • If encountering her before any other story arches, she will teleport and flee from most characters to the upper level. She will instantly kill you if you approach her. However, if you get line-of-sight on her, you can teleport her into the middle of the lower level into the fog and attack her from a distance. With enough damage, you can kill her before she runs back up the stairs and therefor finishing the quest. The magisters hunting her will then reward you for killing her. 
    • If you cause her to retreat up to the top floor, and then teleport a magister near her, she will aggro ono you as well as the Magisters. The next round, she invokes the King, dying in order to summon Voidwoken.


  • "Alright. Here's how you help: I can hold the Magisters off, but I can't put them down. Do this for me. Kill them all."
  • "I was on my way to... where I thought I might find... a friend - of whom I'll say no more. The Magisters trapped me. And it appears I did find a friend. *Smiles...* Just not the one I'd expected."
  • "You have proven yourself a friend, at least. But you must prove your heart. I'll ask one more thing of you - I left my apprentice, Gwydian Rince, at the Blackpits. He is with his family. They are in danger."


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    • 29 Aug 2021 11:28  

      She has no regard for the life of ANY species it seems, and that really bothers me. Even as messed up as Ryker is, he still gives people their proper burial style and such. Maybe I’m just still salty about having to redo something because I didn’t want to lose pet pal

      • Anonymous

        14 Aug 2021 08:00  

        If you have Pet Pal talent, report back to her after you have 3 source points. She will only give you a skillbook instead.

        • Anonymous

          04 Dec 2020 02:55  

          Easy way to kill her. Just use your teleport and move her into the lava spot. instant kill. wow. Note: this AFTER you are able to talk with her and pacify her...she wanders around the area. Just teleport her when she and you are near the lava.

          • Anonymous

            09 Nov 2020 22:50  

            ***Mild spoilers*** When you complete hannag's bargain you lose pet pal talent and can never spec into it again. I got around this by having one of my non pet pal party members (not my player character in this playthrough) to complete the hannag quest and I retained pet pal on my PC.

            • Anonymous

              07 Oct 2020 03:09  

              I thought I'm gonna get stuck with Ifan's quest with this one. I spoke to the dwarven researcher first and tells me about Hannag. Then I went to Black Pits, talked to Hannag's apprentice, then went to Hannag's location in Cloisterwood. Decided to help her, and after the dialogue, she was gone without ever speaking to Ifan.

              The quest says she's around Paradise Downs but she's not there. She's still in Cloisterwoods, wandering around. Talk to her again so you can proceed with Ifan's quest concerning the Death Fog incident.

              • Anonymous

                22 Aug 2020 22:33  

                this is bugged perhaps I tried to kill the magisters and she ended up suiciding summoning portals full of incredibly strong voidwoken

                • Anonymous

                  25 Jun 2020 22:28  

                  I chased her up to the second level, triggered her Lava Portal spell and then used my other character to res the one that died. I then teleported her onto her own Lava Pool effectively skipping the Void Portal fight (which is pretty hard on Tactician) and recieving 11,225xp for killing her. Ifan will want to speak to her spirit given you've completed the Shadow over Driftwood questline which ends in him absorbing her source and triggering a fight with the three Magisters. Fight the Magisters on your own terms by killing them prior to talking to her spirit Each Magister kill grants 7,500xp. 33,725xp in total. No extra source point, but a great way to get some xp.

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Jun 2020 14:44  

                    Of all the Source masters, she’s the worst. Not only her teaching removes one talent point (effectively respec Pet Pal after losing it), she’s also instant kill you with lava when you harmlessly approach her on the second platform, then after pressed fight with magisters, her voidwoken form kills you with lava again! If you side with her, you find out she made the death fog bomb, abandoned her apprentice leaving him captured and wanting you to save him? Absorb her Source!

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Jun 2020 07:23  

                      If you initiate the conversation in which you receive the source point with a non-pet pal character, you will not lose pet pal on your others. Seems like you only lose it on the character you start the conversation with.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Jun 2020 23:48  

                        Zanisima the Scientist that works for Justinia and Mordus, says that Hannag was the ORIGINAL CREATOR OF THE DEVICE that Ifan unwittingly used to release DEATHFOG on the elves. EVIL!!!!!

                        • Anonymous

                          15 May 2020 18:32  

                          I was able to get a dialog from Hannag after killing the Lich at the Alter asking me if i did these murders or not. I reloaded to try a different dialog choice, but now i cant get her to activate the dialog again. I cant find this anywhere online, so im unsure if anyone knows of this ? i've tried using barrels to force her to walk further to the alter and teleporting the child's body closer, and that does'nt work, so now i dont know how to get this dialog again

                          • Anonymous

                            01 May 2020 12:03  

                            If you dont want to loose your PET pal, just withdraw character from party and finish quest :) so simple...

                            • Anonymous

                              01 May 2020 11:58  

                              There is no need to teleport her down....just wait and when she cast lava spell, portu next to her using pyramid and dialog start sooner then cooldown of her lava spell....now you can persuade her.

                              • Anonymous

                                14 Apr 2020 18:04  

                                I've killed the magisters so she was friendly, and asked to free the guy from hanging, I did that and am now her hero and so on. problem is my main is Ifan, and I really want to kill her for what she has done. is the conversion option better/worse than just attacking her?

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Apr 2020 12:58  

                                  I teleported a character with high persuasion behind her. The first time she teleported away to the upper level. Did the trick again and she accepted my help.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    05 Apr 2020 02:02  

                                    So here is how it happened to me. First try: Half way through killing the Magisters, Hannag suddenly goes hostile on everyone and starts summoning Voidwoken through void rift portals. I was completely overwhelmed. After only one round. Second round: Killed the magisters and Hannag remained friendly. I engaged in conversation with her, amd she asked me to go rescue her friend in the Black Pits. Trouble is, I had already been there, and pretty much stumbled into that huge battle by accident (as so frequently happens in this game) and he got himself killed due to some insanely stupid choices by the computer. I broke the news to Hannag, and she says she needs to grieve. I got a few dialog options that lead to persuation, but I was on a character with no persuade points at all so I chose to take my leave, and switch character and persuade her. She then answers that I’m her friend and needs to be rewarded. She hands me a Planar Gateway skillbook and choice between some blue quality gear pieces. Now she won’t train me, but the quest ”Hannag’s Bargain” still open. The latest objective says ”Help Hannag. Hannag will help us, if we help her first. Her price will be steep.” I have no idea what the game wants me to do to help her.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      04 Feb 2020 00:26  

                                      You can pickpocket her for three abilities then teleport her onto the lava then get 5 more... no fight. If you have maxed source a viable option.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        05 Jan 2020 01:44  

                                        if you use flight and have enough magical armor, you can rush up and approach her and when she summons lava onto you, you can survive it and initiate dialogue with her. I suspect you might also survive if you use living on the edge, although, i have not tested it myself

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