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The Harbinger of Doom is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Harbinger of Doom information

  • Talents: None
  • Skills:
  • Flags: Boss Enemy
  • Immunities: Decaying 

  fireresistence2: 100% earthresistence2: 0% Waterresistence: 20% poisonresistence: 100% airresistence: 0%


Harbinger of Doom Location

  • The Harbinger is located in the far northeast part of the map of Reaper's Coast (x680, y435), and is part of the Unlikely Lovers quest. The quest can be started by speaking to Almira, who is a short walk from the Harbinger's location.


Harbinger of Doom Drops



Notes and Tips

  • You can make this fight easier by having it outside of the zone of decay. Place a teleporter at the tip of the cliff directly West, above the Harbinger, then teleport it into the gully West of the character. Have the rest of your party positioned on the cliffs on either side of that gully, ensuring that at least one character is on the East cliff, otherwise the Harbinger might aggro to your teleporter and teleport to them. The teleporter should then be out of combat and you can bring them into the fight at your leisure.
  • The Harbinger of Doom has a massive 51 Initiative, making it incredibly difficult to deny it the first move in combat. This, combined with its minuscule Action Point (AP) cost for its moves, means it can often kill players below level 14 with its first turn.
  • Several zombified Magisters wander around nearby and will support it in combat.
  • The Harbinger's Forgiveness ability is a non-damaging teleport that can only be used on its allies. The Harbinger will often use this to reposition its zombies to more advantageous positions.
  • The creature will use Harbinger's Step, an ability equivalent to Cloak and Dagger but with an AOE curse upon landing, to reposition itself on higher ground throughout the fight. It will then bombard a player character with Harbinger's Wrath and Burning Blaze, abilities similar to Searing Daggers.
  • If the Harbinger succeeds in breaking an enemy's magic armour with the above combo (all its abilities deal magic damage), it will use Source Vampirism if in range, and then use Harbinger's Wrath again before finally ending its turn.
  • It can use a total of 6 abilities before ending its turn, and it has a maximum and starting AP of 9 (checked with Loremaster 5).
  • Fire and Poison are useless against the Harbinger, as it has 100% resistance to both elements.
  • If its abilities are on cool down, it will perform melee attacks, each dealing around 460 physical damage.
  • The Harbinger is the reason characters are inflicted with permanent decaying whilst in the area. Killing it will immediately clear the skies and remove the decaying debuff.


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    • Anonymous

      just entangle him and all the zombies before entering combat and none of them will do anything except melee until the debuff ends so you can just dps check it with range, free win

      • Keeping your party high (lol) is the key to this battle. I think the best spot is at the end of the trail past the traders, where you can overlook the Harbinger and his minions. Just keep your party at the top of this overlook and keep pounding the enemies below with ranged attacks. When it/they get close to you, teleport them back down. Once I got the Harbinger's magic armor to 0, I kept his stunned for the rest of the fight with Air attacks. Pretty easy then since he couldn't do anything. Love Grenade also works great, since he'll basically take out the rest of the enemies for you.

        • Anonymous

          I used teleport to move all the corpses nearby around the Harbinger. Took invisibility potion, crept in, used mass corpse explosion. Killed Harbinger and all but one zombie.

          • Anonymous

            Easy cheese: Get an archer to the high ground you can get by passing by the merchants, stand out of direct vision of the boss but you can still volley arrows over.

            Let's you take pot shots to kill the boss without even triggering combat at any level

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