Healing Tears

Healing Tears

Three healing tears circle around you. Everytime an ally walks into melee range near you, a healing tear bathes them.

Set Healing Tears for 3 Turn(s)

Requires Hydrosophist 1cldwn5
Requires Polymorph 1
Costs 1 Memory

hydrosophist-skills-dos2 Hydrosophist

Healing Tears is a Hydrosophist Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Healing Tears Spell Book Location



Healing Tears Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • The amount of healed Vitality is based on the caster's level entirely and not on Hydrosophist level.



Hydrosophist Skills
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    • Anonymous

      25 Feb 2018 03:55  

      Best picked with the one that has the highest Wits/Ini so everyone else can pick it up when they move after

      • Anonymous

        04 Dec 2017 11:37  

        This is actually a very good spell to use for a certain infamous fight in the Blackpits. Provided the AI isn't being even more stupid than usual (as in, walking all over the Necrofire AWAY from you).

        • Anonymous

          30 Oct 2017 18:31  

          The healing is very strong, it's like a regeneration but for 4 turns. Unfortunately, also applies to undead allies and doesn't apply to undead enemies.

          • Anonymous

            23 Oct 2017 07:56  

            If you cast this and then walk into range of an ally (as I imagine as almost everyone would want to do because you want to heal someone when using the ability)... it doesn't work. The healing over time buff doesn't get applied until it's the turn of an ally which didn't cast the buff. This in my opinion makes it a pretty bad spell.

            • Anonymous

              02 Oct 2017 00:26  

              This spell puts a buff on the caster with 3 stacks. Allies that move inside the visible ring around the caster will remove one of the stacks and gain a 4 round regeneration-like heal. Allies do not need to "enter" the ring to gain the heal. They can start inside it and just move one step to get the buff. Allies can only have one regen buff from this spells effect at a time and will not take another stack off you if they already have one and are moving within the ring.

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