Heart of the Tyrant


Chest Armour


 6 Magic Armour

 34 Physical Armour 


+10% Fire Resistance

+1 Warfare



Heart of the Tyrant is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Marked by blows of Source Hunters millenia ago, Sourcerer King Braccus Rex was wearing this very armour when he was captured and sentenced to death.


Heart of the Tyrant Information

  • This chest armor is part of the quest Artefacts of the Tyrant.

  • This armor is cursed, and applies permanent burning status when worn without the complete set.


Heart of the Tyrant Requirements

    • 11 Strength



Heart of the Tyrant Notes/Tips

  • It is found inside the vault in the Dark Cavern.

  • The burning debuff applied by the armor can be circumvented if the armor is applied while the character has the wet status. 


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