Helmets in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are protective equipment worn by player characters and NPCs on their head. Players can find helmets as part of quest rewards, purchase them from Merchants and obtain them from defeated Enemies. Players can create helmets via Crafting.




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Random helmets can have roll Attributes or Combat Skills.


Rune Slots




Corrupted Tyrant's Helm None
+1 Strength
-1 Leadership
Grants Skill Purge
Strength 11 Behind locked door in Decrepit Ruins, see associated quest.
Cowl of True Sight None

+2 Intelligence
Grants Spell Dispel Illusion

Intelligence 14 Given by Bishop Alexandar
House of War Apprentice Mask  1 +1 Strength
+10% Poison Resistance
Strength 11 Duplicate Mask of Strength created by stealing from your god.
Mask of Strength 1 +1 Strength
+10% Poison Resistance
Strength 11   
The Silent Path --
+3 Str
+3 Fin
+5 Perserverance
+5 Init
+0.1 Movement
Set Silenced (self)
Set Clear-minded (self)
  Purchased from the Unarmed Elf trader in Arx.

Note: The silenced effect can be nullified by the Aye Laval gloves (a save and reload stops the "flickering" silence. This save/reload method also works for removing the self-blinding effect of the unique one-handed sword sold by the same merchant. Aye Laval not required for that as the "Set Clear-minded" on this helm removes Blind).
Tyrant's Helm  None
+1 Strength
+1 Leadership
Grants Skill  Shackles of Pain
Strength 11 Found after fighting Krylr the Kettlegrinder in the player's inventory, after using the corrupted versions Purge skill three times.
Visha's Helm  --

20 Earth Resistance
+1 Warfare

Strength 12 Related to "Heroes' rest" quest.
Knight of Duna's Helm


+3 Strength
+3 Constitution
20% Earth Resistence
+1 Warfare

13 Str Temple of Amadia on Nameless Isle

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    • Anonymous

      The silent path isn't sold by the unarmed elf trader, you can buy it from one of the lyzard man in the Khemm library

      • There is also an unique helmet in Arx which add the Keyword "Noble" to the character which wear it... Can't remember where it is (probably in the room where Reymond/Reymond ghost is, or in the next room close to the stairs which lead to the exit.. Or may be It was a random loot... Useful to learn tea art from Lady Kemp ^^

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