Hero is a Tag in Divinity: Original Sin 2 that allows the player to have certain dialogue with NPCs and certain options during Quests. Please see below for a list.

Hero Dialogue Options

  • In the conversation with Rosa Crossley and the family after you rescue them at the Black Pits.
  • In the conversation with Magister Yarrow and Migo after you deliver Migo's Ring.
  • During Ryker's attempt to imbue you with source. Using the option stops the amoral ritual before completion, initiating combat without growing your source.

Methods of Acquisition

You need to do a combination of the things below, you can get the tag quite early if you stacks much of the heroic decisions, and less of the villain decisions.

  • Help Magister Siwan at the Sinking ship prologue.
  • Give Migo's ring to Magister Yarrow in Fort Joy after giving Migo a Yarrow Flower.
  • Rescue Saheila from the Lone Wolves at the Abandoned Livewood Sawmill.
  • Save Elodi, during the shakedown quest.
  • Refuse to give up the thief's name during the quest The Imprisoned Elf.
  • Help Higba, the prime suspect of the magisters escape from Driftwood (go through river, next to Meistr house).
  • Save Mari from the voidwoken south east of driftwood. Talk to the boy near the lifted drawbridge, and find a way across the river
  • Stop the Magister Inquisitor from executing Rosa Crossley at the beginning of Black Pits.
  • Refuse to make deal with the Magisters cornering a man in the basement of a burning house in the Black Pits.

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    • Anonymous

      For the reference of the people who have been trying to figure it out in the comments:

      The place you get the Hero tag only really tells you that that task gave you hero progress. This almost certainly is something like a bar or counter behind the scenes - do more hero things, bar goes up, when it's full you get hero tag. If you don't have it yet, do another heroic thing until you do. Maybe if you do villain things it goes the other way, I haven't really tested it.

      • Anonymous

        I got the hero tag from rescuing a chick across the drawn up Bridge. My buddy and I were doing a lone wolf duo as my first playthrough and I was playing an optimistic and honorable character who would never turn on his friends. Then I find the chick i saved dead. Also later realized my buddy also killed Migo for his breastplate and ring and my character still doesn't know

        • Anonymous

          I suspect the heroic resolution for the Migo/Yarrow quest gives a load more points that the other ones. First playthrough up to Act 2: helped Siwan, saved Elodi, didn't give up thief to Griff, saved Mari... haven't gotten it yet. Second playthrough, helped Siwan, saved Elodi, and then gave Migo's ring to Yarrow and immediately got the Hero tag.

          • Anonymous

            Gave Migo's ring to Yarrow, saved Elodi from a shakedown, but only refusing to give up thief's name to Grief gave me the Hero tag. It's either a bug or you need to complete three hero missions to be considered one.

            • Anonymous

              Easy to get hero tag early fort joy. As of Nov18 2017.
              1)make sure to save the npc companions on ship at beggining.
              2)make sure to give yarrow flower to miego for ring then give it to yarrow up on the wall.
              3)save the elf Elodi, durring the shakedown quest.

              Ive test only two times, and got it both time.

              • Anonymous

                i completed only "Do not give up the thief's name during the quest The Imprisoned Elf." and get "hero" tag. So I think one is enough to get it.
                ( cydapb ).

                • Anonymous

                  One Hero dialogue option is at the severed heads with the chest, after prison close to the beach. The head tells the Hero that the heads are Labyrinth makers for Braccus Rex, or were.

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