Heroes' Rest

Quest Giver
Location Stonegarden
Suggested Level 12
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Heroes' Rest is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Important NPCs

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Heroes' Rest Objectives

  1. Discover all of the valuables left behind by the one-time heroes of Driftwood.



Heroes' Rest Walkthrough


South to the Stonegarden Waypoint, there's four heroes' coffin, examine them you will learn the locations of their valuables. But if you examine all four of them, these heroes will rise as undead and attack you.

Travel to the marked locations and find the hero's equipment, this quest is complete. You will need fairly high wits to spot the buried treasure though. 17 is enough.

X: 651 Y:200
Garrick's Treasure

(X:731 Y:50)


(X:565 Y:461)

(X:458 Y:396)


Tips & Tricks

  • Kill them one at a time, due to the fact that they will resurrect into a more powerful form when you kill them each individually the first time
  • Vydia's Buried Valuables: X:729 Y:53 - Unique Helmet: Visha's Helm
  • Bromley's Buried Valuables: X:458 Y:394 - Unique Gloves: Justinia's Favour
  • Halla's Buried Valuables: X562 Y:458 - Unique Belt: Halla's Shiny Ribbon
  • Garrick's Buried Valuables: X: 651 Y:200 - Unique Boots: Flashing Footsteps



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    • Anonymous

      No one mentioned this: all 4 pieces of gears are worthless garbage, low LV and don't have any worthy bonus.

      • Anonymous

        I started exploring Stonegarden only after I cleared out Blackpit external area, and my characters are all LV14. I squashed all of them, including initial form and empowered form, within one single turn. Level scaling is too exaggerated in this game.

        • Anonymous

          Easiest way to defeat them. get someone who can teleport onto the wooden platform, then you can teleport 1 or 2 of them INTO one of the crypts further away, they will be taken out of the fight immediately, so you could TP 2 away, and fight 2. Then when you are done with the 2, heal up and move towards the crypt to start the second part of the fight.

          • Anonymous

            The fight does start, however I have experienced a bug where Garrick died on his first turn and his stronger form appeared, but his old forms card didn't update and he wouldn't act, forcing me to reload.

            • Anonymous

              Yes i can confirm that in Definitive Edition and latest patch fight never spawns again. You will gain XP for discovering a places with treasures but its all you get.

              • Anonymous

                The fight never spawned for me. I checked all the tombstone and all the secrets appeared but the fight itself never happened. I already completed the quest technically so I doubt it'll spawn anymore, but did anyone else have this issue?

                • Anonymous

                  I read a book to get the locations of all the treasures. It was somewhere in Rykers house I believe. I didn't fight a single thing to get these. None of the loot was any good though. Level 15.

                  • Anonymous

                    The key for me, as alluded to by the most recent post, was to keep teleporting as many of the 4 as possible to the hill to the northwest - the easiest way to do that is to put your teleporters on the raised platform also in the northwest. Once teleported they will most often try to walk the long way around - only occasionally will they use skills that teleport themselves back. Try to keep one pinned down, kill its low-powered version, then keep pummleing its higher-powered version. Rinse and repeat.

                    • Anonymous

                      This is how I defeated them,

                      Towards south of the entrance, there is this sort of choke where theres a hill, before the gate. At that choke, you're going to want to throw a smoke grenade, but first, use oil skills to slow down the entrance of the gate towards where your party would be at, but DONT ignite it (not until you have both melee enemies resurrected to their second form.)

                      So first, save, then oil that pathway to you up, then trigger the fight using a range skill. Let their first person go, then create a smoke screen infront of you (not covering you) closer to the left of that hill choke. Their melees will be slowed, wasting AP and their ranged will be trying to reach you. You can use your usual tactic, or if you'd rather something easier, summon elementals on the oil paths blocking the entrance to the gate. Destroy the melee's one at a time, then proceed to fish out the other two ranged enemies.

                      Teleport is your friend. gl

                      • For those tactician players, here is a "secret" about these "Magical" chest. If you play tactician mode we have all been in that place where we wish we had a create or chest with mega high HP to block off an entrance, ladder access, or few to block a path off from enemies from a certain part of the "battle field".

                        Well here they are, 4 of them that weigh less than 5 lbs each... These chest if you highlight them do not show any HPs and if you pick them up are either 3 or 5 lbs. So I picked them up, and used them in a fight to corner my caster in preventing most melee access to them, hahahaha, She could still see everything just fine, can be hit with spells but protected from nasty little scoundrels! Bahahaha. Like I said they are magic chest :)

                        • Anonymous

                          for bromley's treasure which I found, there is an area next to it with 3 floor switches that don't appear to do anything? has anyone solved this part?

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