Historian is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



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Notes and Tips

  • To complete the puzzle, put him in a pool of blood, by either casting Blood Rain or creating a pool of blood near him (combat, flesh sacrifice, friendly fire, etc.) and teleporting him into it and then bless him quickly before he dies.

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    • Anonymous

      17 Feb 2019 10:45  

      What if neither blood rain nor flesh sacrifice are working? It seems he doesn't recognize that he's sitting in a pool of blood :/

      • Anonymous

        08 Feb 2019 07:40  

        There was a huge amount of blood in the same room that I found him, so I teleported him into that and then blessed him.

        • Anonymous

          15 Oct 2018 10:57  

          Douse the flames with blood and then bash his head in, you get both the portal and 425 xp. The second portal inside the room won't open unless you bless him but you can use a teleport spell to bypass the need for it.

          • Anonymous

            21 Apr 2018 19:04  

            You can keep it alive it you use venon... i need to do that in order to get more sorce point to use bless, good that swamps was close

            • Anonymous

              13 Jan 2018 16:33  

              I used *Raining Blood (Hydro+Necro)*, but instead of blessing it, I... Used *Turn to Oil (Geo+Poly)*

              The blood-turned-oil blew up the area...

              And then the Historian proceeded to thank me for helping him... While still aflame...

              Anyways... As a side note, you can kill him for 425 Exp, but you won't get the Portal for Historian room.

              • Anonymous

                13 Oct 2017 22:55  

                There is a puddle of blood on the ground, drop him in it with teleport and then bless him when he stops burning.

                • Anonymous

                  06 Oct 2017 09:18  

                  A way without an elf and blood rain that worked for me. Attack one of your party members until there is blood on the ground, teleport the Historian on the blood, bless it, throw a poison bomb ect. on him so he doesn't die.

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Oct 2017 21:01  

                    You must extinguish his cursed flames with blood, in any way you can, rain of blood is not mandatory. After that you can definitely remove his curse with the bless spell.

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