The Collar


Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 2+

The Collar is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

This is one of the main quests automatically acquired at the beginning of the game.

Important NPCs



  1. Removes the Source Collar of the main character after completing The Arena of Fort Joy quest, allowing that character to equip amulets.



  • Become the champion of the underground arena at the Fort Joy kitchen and then tell Nebora about your success. (See The Arena of Fort Joy
  • Later on, Leya at the Sanctuary of Amadia can remove rest of the Source Collars from your team by completing the Most Dangerous When Cornered quest. You can find the Sanctuary by heading southeast after escaping Fort Joy. Note: You need to speak  to Leya with a character who still has the collar on to trigger the collar removal for your party.
  • If for whatever reason the collars are still not removed (e.g. you explore and progress with the game in the unintended direction), they will be removed after you complete Act I.


Tips & Tricks

  • After removing your main character's collar, any Magister who sees you will throw you into jail.
  • When playing multiplayer, the character who will have their collar removed is the one crowned champion at the end of the second phase of the arena fight. Consider this when challenging your friends for the honour of being champion.

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