Hunt for the Master

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Hunt for the Master is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

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Hunt for the Master Objectives

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Hunt for the Master Walkthrough


This quest is automatically acquired when played as Sebille.

When you meet Red Prince, recruit him to search Dreamer together. 

Find and interrogate Stingtail, he can be found on the southern shore of Fort Joy. After you get info from him, you can decide to let him live or not. 

Head to Griff. the cook at camp, for further information. Give him 50 coins and you will learn the name of the smuggler.

Zaleskar, your next target, can be found at The Hollow Marshes. (He is on a broken bridge just outside fort joy)You will learn that it was a Lone Wolf called Roost who sold her into slavery. 

Travel to Reaper's Coast



Tips & Tricks

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      When I tried to talk to Zaleskar, I failed all tries to persuade him to give me information, which automatically started a fight sequence. I was able to win the fight, thus killing Zaleskar, but now I don't see a way to move the storyline forward, as the red flag to talk to and get information from Zaleskar is still there as is the log entry to talk to him and get information. Thoughts?

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