Hunting the Dreamer

Location Fort Joy Ghetto
Suggested Level ???
Next Quest Hunting the Master
Previous Quest  

Hunting the Dreamer is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Carved into my arm are the list of those who have wronged me in this life. I keep my carving needle with me at all times...

Important NPCs



  1. ???
  2. ???



  • Using the tattoo needle in Sebille's inventory will trigger some dialogue.
  • Find Stingtail inside Fort Joy Ghetto and torture him into telling you about the "Master", he tell's he knows nothing about him but he knows about his apprentice named Rajjam who has escaped into The Hollow Marshes.
  • Kill or let Stingtail live, this complete's the quest and starts the next quest Hunting the Master.
  • ???


Tips & Tricks

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