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Deal 155% physical damage. Infect a target with a disease that will spread to other nearby characters. Diseased characters deal reduced damage with all attacks and have lowered Constitution.

special divinity original sin 2 Set Infectious Disease for 2 turn(s).

Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from Intelligence.

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Necromancer 2
properties divinity original sin2 icon Costs 1 Memory








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Infect is a Necromancer Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Infect location



Infect effect


Infect trivia & strategies

  • Infect damage increased by 40% as of Patch v3.0.168.526
  • Infectious Disease can spread to allied characters, too, if they have no physical armour


Infect builds


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Occult Flamewielder


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Sanguine Bowman


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Terramancer


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Blood Mage





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    • Anonymous

      Good for bosses and is a decent damage dealer as well. Recommended IMO for parties with more ranged than melee. Doesn't matter if my tank gets infected when I have 3 dps in the back doing their thing.

      • Anonymous

        This skill will pretty much always infect your characters as well, especially if they are Melee. It spreads far and frankly due to how consistently it *****s you over as much as the enemy i dont find it useful.

        • Anonymous

          People seem confused about the debuff of this skill. Let's correct a mistake: it does not heal you nor does it raise HP. It's just a visual effect because of your new max HP value, not a bug. Since 1 point of constitution gives 7% more HP this removes 14% max HP and -35% damage. It is much better than it seems, especially later on when 14% is more than just 10 hp. Since it's contagious use it on ennemies close together with no physical armor. Avoid using it if your target is near one of your characters with no physical armor. It is an easily removed status though so even if you do so it's not too bad.

          • Anonymous

            Thats not the skill. It is the debuff - it works the same, for example, if you use the elven Skill Flesh Sacrifice. If you had been dealt a bit damage, it gets 'healed', since your new constitution level is below the HP you had at this point.

            • Anonymous

              This Skill appears to be bugged. If you Infect an enemy who has previously had damage dealt directly to his Vitality/Health bar, he will actually REGAIN HP up to the new maximum amount of Vitality that is determined by his reduced Constitution level set by the Diseased Status.

              • *still testing* *level 8*

                Scales with:
                Intelligence +2min - +2 or 1 max ( lvl17 42-47, to lvl18 44-49, to lvl19 46-50)
                Warfare +2min - +2max (lvl1 48-50, to lvl 2 50-52)

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