Ingenius rewards you with +5% Critical Chance and +10% Critical Damage.


Ingenious is a talent in Divinity Original Sin 2.


  • Previously granted +2 Initiative and +5% Critical Chance before being changed in the Definitive Edition.
  • The only original characters to have this talent are Ifan, Fane, and Lohse.

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    • Anonymous

      This is bread and butter for attribute independent crit builds. This equals 2 points into Scoundrel and 5 Wits which is imperative if you want to accumulate that crit chance and damage by act 2.

      • Anonymous

        boo made fane a 2 handed warfare good sir and my main character red prince a pyro geo mage with savage sortilege but cant get this so i should have switched them so i couldve had this on my 2nd mage (lohse is the same but she has it and is hydro aero)

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