Kalias is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Kalias information

  • Lizard from the house of war.
  • Speak with him as Sebille/Elf and he will trade with you. Red Prince/Lizzard is a bad idea.
  • Will give a huge discount (roughly 25-30%) if you use a [Soldier] prompt when first talking to him. Discount applies to everyone afterwards. 



Kalias location

  • Kalias first appears in Caverns, in Act I



Notes and Tips

  • He sells a good one handed sword early on: Kalias Stunner. He also drop upon death.
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    • Anonymous

      10 Dec 2017 23:03  

      150 Gold for max attitude

      if you want a better sword than his shocker one for pre-escape from fort joy...

      1. Get teleport from the Crocodile boss or from Gawin vender at level 4

      2. Teleport across the broken bridge by the beach waypoint

      3. Go up the path to the side of the broken bridge to a hill with two dead bodies

      4. Pick up "The Viper's Tongue"

      One-Handed Sword
      11-13 Damage
      +1 Strength
      +1 Warfare

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