Kalias is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Kalias information

  • Lizard from the house of war.
  • Speak with him as Sebille/Elf and he will trade with you. Red Prince/Lizzard is a bad idea.
  • Will give a huge discount (roughly 25-30%) if you use a [Soldier] prompt when first talking to him. Discount applies to everyone afterwards. 



Kalias location

  • Kalias first appears in Caverns, in Act I



Notes and Tips

  • He sells a good one handed sword early on: Kalias Stunner. He also drop upon death.
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    • Anonymous

      25 Sep 2018 16:31  

      Interesting feature I found regarding both Hildur's Plate and the Kalias Stunner sword, the level of the armor and weapon are actually based upon what level you are the first time you interact with their shop. I was doing a murder everyone playthrough and I used deathfog to kill the group encounter with Alexander and Dallis at the start of Fort Joy, then I did a couple other things and got to level 4 by the time I interacted with Hildur and Kalias, and both of their unique items were being sold at level 4 instead of level 2 with much stronger stats. I'm not sure if this is intended with every unique item you come across that gets sold in a shop, but this is just something I found interesting to come across.

      • Anonymous

        09 Sep 2018 19:34  

        Provides 500 XP, 3 warfare skillbooks, 3 Resurrect scrolls and some random items (will not drop gold regardless). Does not affect storyline, worth killing before leaving Fort Joy.

        • Anonymous

          03 Sep 2018 01:21  

          Is he there for any other reason besides being a merchant for warfare skills? Worried about going through this playthrough with him dead.

          • Anonymous

            10 Dec 2017 23:03  

            150 Gold for max attitude

            if you want a better sword than his shocker one for pre-escape from fort joy...

            1. Get teleport from the Crocodile boss or from Gawin vender at level 4

            2. Teleport across the broken bridge by the beach waypoint

            3. Go up the path to the side of the broken bridge to a hill with two dead bodies

            4. Pick up "The Viper's Tongue"

            One-Handed Sword
            11-13 Damage
            +1 Strength
            +1 Warfare

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