Keep Calm and Carrion

Quest Giver
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 10* - 15
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Keep Calm and Carrion is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. In Fort Joy, the Godwoken learns of a powerful set of armour  based on dwarven rituals. Later, the Godwoken discovers an ancient altar in the mountains west of Driftwood. The Godwoken learns about a way to craft a set of powerful set of Armour known as the Vulture Armour Set, which requires feathers from an entity called Duna's Undertaker. Using rituals discovered throughout the region, the Godwoken can retrieve these feathers and craft the Vulture Armour Set. 

The Vulture Armour set is an excellent set of armour for ranged attackers using Finesse skills. 


Important NPCs

  • Duna's Undertaker 


Keep Calm and Carrion Objectives

  1. Read the book on Dwarven customs in Act 1
  2. (Optional) Read the book on Dwarven customs in Act 2 (located in the Witch's House)
  3. Summon Duna's Undertaker - TPK first round at level 11. Duna will close circuit any low level party with high Initiative and do a total party kill. 
    1. Suggested level for completion is minimum 14 if you complete Obj. 2; 15 if not.
    2. Peaceful solution (described in book about dwarven customs in witches hut) is available with Beast regardless of Level so you get a lvl 14 Armour set with Level 9-10 which is OP, If you read all books Lvl 14, otherwise Lvl 15 


Keep Calm and Carrion Walkthrough

Fort Joy

 In Orivand's Chambers, Fort Joy. You can find a book called Dwarven Customs & Traditions, it contains all recipes of Vulture Armour and a recipe called Source-infused meat (Muttom, any earth essence, source orb).

devourer armor divinity original sin2 wiki guide3

Reaper's Coast

The second page, Dwarven Customs & Traditions (Excerpt) can be found in the Witch's house (X:365 Y:227) north of Driftwood next to the Witch's Eye needed for quest Treated Like Cattle.

dwarven customs and traditions excerpt

Summon Duna's Undertaker

You can do this regardless of level or origin character, as long as you have the excerpt from the witches hut. Source-Infused Meat needs to be crafted as an offering to summon the Undertaker.

Required crafting items:

Tip: If you lack the ingredients for Source-Infused Meat, you can buy mutton from Trader Thun, earth essence can be found in Meister Siva's basement during Powerful Awakening, and you can acquire some source orbs from quest Counting your Chickens or in Mordus' basement located under his house in Driftwood when first starting A Taste of Freedom.

The altar to summon is located south west of Driftwood. (around X:217, Y:28). A page about the altar's location is under Mordus' house, and reading it will mark the map.

duna undertaker altar

Placing Source-Infused Meat on that altar will summon Duna's Undertaker with the status effect Grounded (Immunity to being teleported) for 1 turn, and immediately start a dialog between the character who placed the offering. During the dialog the Undertaker is immune to any kind of attack even though the stats page does not state so.

Appease or Combat


Appeasing the Undertaker will grant you 5 Blessed Vulture Feathers, and she will immediately vanish not providing any opportunity to attack after providing the gift.

  • *Tell the creature that you are here to receive its blessing.*
  • *Bow with your arms outstretched.*
  • *Quietly request its blessing.*
  • *Say that you intend to save the souls of the fallen.*



Failure to appease the Undertaker results with immediate combat. Combat starts with Decomposing (Undead) Dwarves spawning and the Undertaker, usually, moving to an advantageous spot to cast Superconductor if there is more than one target. The Duna's Undertaker is level 15 with an initiative of 51. Once the Duna's Undertaker, and her undead minions are defeated you will to get the Cursed Vulture Feathers. You need to Bless these feathers before crafting the Vulture Armour. (1 blessed feather + any leather part armour (finesse based))

If choosing to fight Duna's Undertaker and the Decomposing Dwarves, there are a few precautions that would be wise to take: 

  • Duna's Undertaker and her minions have many powerful lightning based abilities, so using Air Resistance Potions will help mitigate damage. 
  • The Teleportation spell is very effective here  - the raised sections of the arena are extremely close to the beach just west of Driftwood. Having a caster stand on the scaffolding and use Teleportation spells and scrolls on Duna's Undertaker and her minions can give valuable breathing room. Also, while it is still possible to use movement abilities to get back up into the arena, it's much more difficult, and sometimes Duna may get stuck on the beach. 
  • Spells and scrolls of Peace of Mind, First Aid and other methods of removing Blindness are handy. Duna's Undertaker has an ability called Peck Eyes which deals large Air damage and inflicts blindness. Her minions often use Blinding Radiance also. 
  • The entire combat arena has a water surface, adding to the difficulty of the encounter. A way of dealing with water - such as freezing the water into ice and using boots with immune to slipping traits (craftable with any boots + nails), having a method of hovering such as the Spread Your Wings spell, or a method of Stun immunity such as on the Armour of the Eternals can be useful. 
  • Duna has no points in Perseverance, meaning that once her physical armour has been destroyed, she can be chain knocked-down, petrified, etc without dealing with constant armor replenishment.

Vulture Armour

The Vulture Armour itself can then be created by combining the non-cursed feathers (try dropping them on the ground then targeting them with the Bless ability) with any Finesse-based gear. Among other features, the full set offers some unique perks:

  • Permanent flight (hovering and access to jump as if using the Spread Your Wings spell) (The effective range of the jump is 17m instead of 13 due to Farsight)
  • Permanent Farsight (+4m range on ranged attacks and abilities)
  • Permanent Perforation (all physical attacks deal extra damage that bypasses physical armour, scales with level)
  • Grants access to the Vulture's Prayer innate skill (2AP skill to explode a corpse for healing and 15% damage buff)
  • Grants access to the Dust Blast innate skill (1 source + 3 AP skill to deal earth damage and Blind enemies in a 13m (17 due to Farsight) range)
  • Immunity to Blinding

 Vulture Armour Set stats & description: here

Tips & Tricks

  • Appeasing the Undertaker is considered the best route of action allowing you to complete the quest at a low level. Giving you the means to craft the Vulture Armour set at a very early stage in Act 2. If you have a Ranger in your party this is a must have.
  • If you're quick (really quick) to Teleport Pyramid away before the dialog starts, you'll still end up go talking with the Undertaker, but after you'll be out of range of combat if your other party members are not close by.



vulture armor setdust blast

vulture prayer skill



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    • Anonymous

      Killing Duna in tactican mode awards 375 xp at lvl 15, not sure if bugged or intentional since peaceful resolve awards 125k. So be advised people

      • Anonymous

        Cannot find any mutton. Bought some in Driftwood and must have turned it into dinner or some other blunder. Where else can I procure some?? Have not seen on any other trader, loot or drops.

        • Anonymous

          Peaceful outcome, not origin, human, lvl 14, Honour mode, got 125xp and 5 Blessed Feathers from Duna and 200xp from crafting it (if you are confused about crafting just buy all leather armour - easy to know since they have finesse requirement). Wanted to reload to know what xp I'd get from killing it, but Honour mode saves whenever it wants to.

          • Anonymous

            Info on this page may be incorrect: it says you must be level 14 for the peaceful dialogue option--I was able to complete the quest at level 13 using Fane to talk to her.

            • Anonymous

              I can't seem to continue this quest (this run I decided I would sell books instead of hoarding them, no idea where I sold the first book (probably still in Fort Joy)) is there an alternative book somewhere? Or is there a way to summon them without the first book?

              • Anonymous

                Is there any benefit in fighting the Undertaker?

                By just placing the infused meat on the altar & giving the right dialogue choices I got 5 blessed feathers and 125 xp.

                • Anonymous

                  Tip to beat her with lone wolf Ranger lv13 in tactician mode.
                  1: Teleport her to the beach. (She will just stand there till all her minion die the run back to the altar) 2: Clear her minions.
                  3: Sneak and wait for her to come back.
                  4: Buff and clear her physical armour with Arrow Spray and keep CC her with knock down until she die.
                  P/s: You can let one minion stay alive and snipe her when she stand still on the beach too.

                  • Anonymous

                    Best of luck fighting this thing if you don't have Amulet of the Deep or 100%+ air resistance.

                    The bird spams Superconductor and the rain will cover the arena in water so you'll be knee-deep in electrified water for most of the fight.

                    • Anonymous

                      The dialogue options for me were different using beast.

                      1. Select Beast option
                      2. Bow
                      3. Quietly ask for blessing
                      4. Save the souls of the fallen

                      • Anonymous

                        Duna's undertaking was at the Lady vengence in the ocean for me. Glitched for me. Can't complete this quest.

                        • Anonymous

                          I was able to get the Vulture armor set without fighting (and losing) at level 11 without Beast among my companions. Fane is my primary character and he was wearing the shapeshifter mask set to Dwarf. I also had to read both Dwarven custom books, an inference based on an earlier failed attempt to secure the feathers without reading the second book located in the Witch's hut. The successful effort also required the proper responses during the conversation with Duna's Undertaker with a few reloads of saves before I stumbled on the correct sequence (I didn't jot it down, so....)

                          • Anonymous

                            I used a Custom Human Male and selected the peaceful dialogue options at level 12. No Beast in party. Received the feathers peacefully. The lvl 14 requirement seems to be incorrect.

                            • Anonymous

                              Is it possible to use soul mate with an undead character and then drink poison potions to kill the undertaker?

                              • Anonymous

                                Why no boss details or a link. Are you just trying to make this page as counter intuitive as the game? Are you just really stupid?

                                • Anonymous

                                  I talked to the undertaker, got the blessed feathers, and crafted the armor. The flag marker for the ancient alter is still there and the quest keep calm and carrion has not closed. Not sure if I’m missing something or bugged?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Was able to complete the peaceful solution at level 9 as an elf. No mods used but did have the lone wolf perk so I’m not sure if that possibly affected the level cap, don’t know why it would. Otherwise it’s possible that the level cap on the respectful option has been removed.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Hey guys, I crafted hands twice and now I'm short of 1 Blessed vulture feather for a complete set of Vulture armor. Any chance I can get somehow more feathers ? Did I just ruined my quest ?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Was able to peacefully receive Blessed Vulture Feather with Fane in Dwarf form using Shapeshifter Mask at level 11.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Ran into a bug where the pants revert into the non-set skin and wearing the full set no longer provides any bonuses. Everything is still level 14 though? No clue how to fix.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            WARNING: Found a huge bug where the pants disappears completely. Not sure how it triggers, but it triggered when i bought finesse equipment in Driftwood square to craft it with. Everything but the pants successfully crafted.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Regarding how to craft Vulture Armor - It says in the Recipes that Vulture armor requires any 'Leather Armor' to be combined with blessed Vulture feathers that you receive from Duna's Undertaker. After searching hours to find some 'leather armor' in Reaper's coast and finding none with any NPC, I realized that it doesnt have to be Leather armor - Any armor which is 'Finesse class' or which says 'Requiring Finesse level x' in the description will do. Posting here for other's benefit.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Fun tip on how to make it easy:

                                                There are many corpses and oil barrels at a ambush site down the path that leads up and away from the alter, not the path that leads down to the beach. I teleported all the corpses to the alter and moved a few oil barrels, cast peace of mind on my necro, and initiated dialogue. If you keep your characters close boss won’t jump away and when it’s your turn mass corpse explosion and one shot!!

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