Kemm's Deflector

Level 19
Effects Set Deflecting
Skill Shields Up

Kemm's Deflector is a Shield in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Kemm's Deflector Information

This heavy shield has seen a hundred battles, but so sturdily was it wrought that it still looks brand new.


Kemm's Deflector


Kemm's Deflector Location/Where to find


Kemm's Deflector Requirements

  • 14 Constitution


Kemm's Deflector Notes/Tips

  • The shield and your current weapon will glow purple when worn.


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    • Anonymous

      Regardless of where/when you killed Kemm, you can find this shield in his corpse after you release Arhu, even if you looted his corpse earlier.

      • Anonymous

        This shield doesn't appear to drop if you kill Kemm in the basement below the barracks instead of the vault.

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