Lady o' War

Gareth / Malady
Location Lady Vengeance
Suggested Level 7+
Next Quest To the Hall of Echoes
Previous Quest The Escape

Lady o' War is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Find a way to get the Lady Vengeance moving.

Important NPCs



  1. Find a way to get the Lady Vengeance moving



After defeated Bishop Alexandar and talk to Malady to board Lady Vengeance. Head below deck and if you have Pet Pal skill, the rat on board will tell you this ship is controlled by singing songs. Head to Bishop Alexandar down one more deck, inspect him (by attempting to "talk" with him) and take the Strange Gem. You can either Persuade Magister Renly to let you or you can kill her and then take it. Find the Starboard Stateroom Door and try to open it by telling it you forget the password and need a reminder. Alternatively, search the corpse on the deck by the dead Gheist and read through the journal called sodden diary. To open Port-Side Stateroom Door you need the password ("Fortitude") and the Strange Gem.

Pick up the Dusty Tome in Dallis' cabin and read it to learn the tune (On her desk). There are many things to loot here, including many Empty Potion Bottles you can use to craft potions. Speak with Tarquin and decide to kill him or leave him. (Tarquin is important in some quests in late game!) If you have high enough Wits, a hatch will appear next to Dallis' desk that will take you to a secret room where you can fight "The Hammer's Pet" or if you use the Teleporter you find here it will port you there. There is a key here that will open Dallis' chest? The Skill Book for Steam Lance is locked in that chest near Dallis' bed. Also if you have enough Wits there is a pressure plate by the bed that reveals a button on the wall. Hit the button to lower the gate to the nearby room. There is just some loot and paintings here.

Then head up to the main deck and sing to ship's figurehead. You can subjugate the ship or free it, and then select your teammates. Defeat Dallis' men, buying Malady enough time to complete her spell and you will be teleported to the Hall of Echoes.


Tips & Tricks

  • Both Dallis and the Cloaked Figure are not killable during the fight atop the Lady Vengeance. Once their HP reaches around 400 Dallis orders everyone to retreat, leaving Malady to finish her spell. If either of them are defeated, The Reckoning will spawn on the Lady Vengeance next to the party after your visit to the Hall of Echoes.
  • Dead body near the front of the deck has a book that you can read for the password.
  • The Hammer's Pets that you will find in the secret room are the exact same ones present at the Atusa encounter meaning that if you kill them there they will not spawn in the secret room.
  • The ballistas on the opposite side of the deck (away from the enemies) do 10 times as much damage as the closest two. You can teleport Dallis to the centre where the corpses are after position one of your characters there and and can fire for 3AP for roughly 900 piercing damage. 



Any characters not in your party for the fight with Dallis will be PERMANENTLY KILLED and unavailable for the rest of the game. So make sure that before telling Malady you're ready to leave that you have picked the party members you want with you for the rest of the game.

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    • Anonymous

      07 Jun 2021 21:59  

      Casting Uncanny Evasion (Aerotheurge 2) on Malady between her next-to-last and final turns helps a lot on Tactician, especially if you're playing solo and you don't have the DPS to kill all the enemies. Also be careful Gareth doesn't die in the fight since he has more interesting story material later.

      • Anonymous

        04 Mar 2021 10:06  

        First time on tactician I went into the hidden room and the two pets spawned. Second time on classic they didn't. Not sure why, kinda wanted the xp. Ship fight is pretty easy if you got the right skills. Make sure you got two types of mobility jumps on at least two chars to get up to the gangway. Use teleport and worm tremor to immobilize a group and wail on them. For all phys, idk bc I love mages

        • 01 Feb 2021 10:14  

          I know the game/questlog/Dallis acknowledges if you beat Dallis here, even acknowledges a second victory against Dallis, but does the game acknowledge if you beat the Cloaked Figure/Vredeman here as well? Managed to pull off a combo of double teleport + death wish + mass corpse explosion and it got Dallis under the right threshold, but wasn't sure if there was an acknowledgement threshold for the game to recognize if you beat Cloaked Figure/Vredeman in game/the questlog as well.

          • Anonymous

            06 Jan 2021 00:42  

            Had a finesse-based scoundrel character beside malady wearing the captain's armour set, supported by a magic damage dealer - charmed every enemy that came close to her, they could hardly land a hit. 10/10 would recommend this set :D

            • Anonymous

              02 May 2020 07:07  

              This fight is easily one of the most unpleasant experiences in this game, ENTIRELY because of Malady being a dumb ass and teleporting you away from the fight no matter how much you are smacking these wimps. Turn limits ruin any fight, period.

              • 29 Apr 2020 00:21  

                you can also cast Living on the Edge on Malady when she┬┤s low on life, and that should be close to when she finish her chanting. And if you want he good drop from Dallis bring her health below 400 hp.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Apr 2020 04:07  

                  Tip: Necromancer with Living on the Edge, Shackle of Pain, then another character, and Haste. Haste on Fane, Shackle Dallis when she moves to the edge of her ship to snipe, then Living on the edge. Walk on the Necrofire down below her assistant created, and see her HP drain like*****e and 0-turn this fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Dec 2019 04:20  

                    Hardest part about this quest is honestly deciding who I want in my party for the rest of the adventure. I like everyone. Don't make me choose...

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Feb 2018 04:41  

                      I managed to kill Dallas, Malady, and the last remaining normal mob all at the same time with Barrage. Dallas flees, 10 seconds of silence, then random game over. Scripted fights are dumb.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Oct 2017 23:47  

                        So much easier the second run. Remember, all can die un a fight except your main character (not sure about him)

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Oct 2017 07:25  

                          Okay I was wrong, I don't know that I found the key down in the hidden room but I apparently have it because I was able to open the chest and lockbox.

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Sep 2017 05:29  

                            In the hidden underground room in Dallis's room, once youre on the ship the 2nd time after the hall of echoes you can go in take stuff and die repeatedly it will just spawn you on the ship saying "you cant die here" rather than do the last load. Just do it itl you get all the loot if you cant beat the 2 gheists

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Sep 2017 15:15  

                              These instructions are easier if your camera face the windows.

                              - In Dalis Bedroom, there is two pyramid of teleportation, one on the table next to Tarquin and the other one in a secret hatch Left of the desk where Dalis book is, Its protected by 2 poltergheist.
                              - To get in the room where the chest is (still in Dalis room), you need to place a character on a pressure switch on the left side of the Bed, it wll then move a shelves just next of the kinda prison door, use another character to use the switch.

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