Lamenting Abomination

Lamenting Abomination
HP: 1597
Action Points: 8
Initiative: 31







550 440 22 21





37 24 24 28

Lamenting Abomination is a level 14 Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2. It guards an Altar in the northeast of Cloisterwood. It seems to be in a lot of pain and talks to something that isn't there when you start the dialogue. No dialogue so far has been found to lead to a non-hostile encounter.



Lamenting Abomination information


Lamenting Abomination Location

  • Northeast of Cloisterwood
  • x : 122
  • y : 266


Lamenting Abomination Drop

  • Some gold
  • Level 14 Ring, Wand and Hat



Notes and Tips

  • He summons 3 Wolfs and an Older Wolf. The smaller wolfs don't have a lot of armor. The older wolf has moderate amounts.
  • His wolfs will apply a buff on him that grants among other things 80% increased damage which stacks and lasts for 3 rounds
  • He will resurrect wolfs with about 30% hp if one dies.
  • This page was written after I encountered this guy at lvl 12, so the next tips are probably not as important if you aren't underleveled like I was.
    • He has a lot of HP, magical armor and physical armor, making this fight a battle of Status Effects. Recommended to constantly knock out, stun, freeze or otherwise disable wolfs and the abomination's turns. For example: if you have Hydrosophy's Rain and Global Cooling, you can instantly take care of 1 whole turn on their side, since they're all in range of both spells. 
    • Make sure to properly chain status effects in order, because the abomination can get 4 stacks of 80% increased damage, dealing 500 damage easily on its turns. 


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    • Anonymous

      01 Apr 2021 00:07  

      hahaah I litterally just uncanny evasion'd my rogue, ruptured his tendons > cloak of shadows > tactical retreated a mile away, and watched him bleed 3/4 of his health away running to me.. LMFAO

      • Anonymous

        27 Mar 2021 05:07  

        summoning a flame slug will wack the wolves for about 250 at lvl 13 making quick work of them when the slugs turn is up

        • Anonymous

          21 Mar 2021 11:19  

          Had a two man lone wolf party, level 13 rogue and hydro mage. Setup my mage on the platform while my rogue snuck in and cast Evasive Aura, starting combat. Evasive Aura basically gives you a free turn as the Abomination will just whiff a bunch of attacks. With Blood Sacrifice + Adrenaline, my rogue managed to backstab crit with Corrupting Blade and Rupture Tendons which insta-broke his armor, followed by Chicken Claw to finish off the combo. With the boss disabled, my hydro mage used Rain and Global Cooling to CC all the wolf summons, trivializing the fight.

          • 18 Mar 2021 23:36  

            Me: Sebille & Loshe Mate: Ifan & Red Prince. All level 11. Avoided Lamenting Abomination's first attack as best we could - it went for Sebille as she's weakest - buffed her back up and sent her into backstab mode. Focussed everyone on physical attacking Lamenting Abomination (ignoring the wolves completely) so we could keep using status attacks to keep Lamenting Abomination from making another attack. Killed it and then focussed on the wolves. No big tricks, just buffing each other chipping away at the bad guys.

            • Anonymous

              12 Mar 2021 03:27  

              Beat him 1st try on tactician mode @ lvl 14:

              Gather all the enemies up with teleport/nether swap + skin graft. Then use Raining Blood, Grasp of the Starved and Corpse Explosion. CC the abomination and any straggling wolves if they aren't dead. Easy win.

              • Anonymous

                05 Mar 2021 23:07  

                There's a LOT of problems with this fight, tbh,depending on your build this guy can wipe your team as high as level 15 before you even get a turn. Why's there no autosave before him?

                • Anonymous

                  10 Jan 2021 02:07  

                  Point blanked him with a high crit Arrow Rain after using Adrenaline then Enrage. Dropped his armor completely and his health down to around 1/4. Finished him with a few shots after that.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Dec 2020 23:31  

                    sneek above it on the ledge to the right, do Barrage, if youre positioned correcty the abominations armor is down and it will just barely get to you so it cant knock you down. after that do some pew pew pew and the boss is dead, "tp" out and now there are only wolfs which arent really hard at all.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Dec 2020 06:57  

                      I just killed this guy at level 13. I'm running Fane and an undead necro war. I littered the ground with blood everywhere a wolf could spawn. Started the fight then turned it all to poison and then fire instantly taking away everythings Magic Shield. 1 of my characters has the completed Captions gear which charms enemies. First set of actions I used uncanny evassion to dodge all his hits. Had living on the Edge just in case. Just focus fired the boss so i could knock him down and ignored all of the wolves as they burn up in the fire or get charmed when they get close. Boss got his first turn and that was it. Important to set the stage before initiating the fight.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Nov 2020 08:45  

                        Preferably a mind maggot grenade but anything that does charm will make the fight a cakewalk especially if you let it get buffed by void howls. It will wipe your party but it will do the same to the wolves if charmed, and if you have an archer/ranger be sure to stack up on poison arrows and use that ledge for height bonus because at level 12 a barrage skill will wipe it down to half hp. Melee fighters will get stomped though.

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