Leadership grants Dodging and Resistance bonuses to all allies in a 5m radius.

Level 1: +2% Dodging and +3% to all Resistances

Level 10: +20% Dodging and +30% to all Resistances

Leadership is a combat ability in Divinity Original Sin 2. Leadership will give boost to party members and friends in a 5m radius. 


Leadership Notes

  • Characters currently under the effect of Leadership are denoted by a "Leader in Sight!" buff.
  • Leadership does not confer the bonus to the player with this Ability, only other party members in sight.


    • Anonymous

      31 May 2018 12:42  

      If they deleted Leadership tomorrow, would anyone notice? Lol.
      Pitiful range and doesn't work on the character who takes it. Now if it affected the leader, I could easily see this as an amazing tank stat.

      • Anonymous

        06 Mar 2018 17:23  

        If I have two characters with leadership abilities, will they each character receive the others leadership skill?

        • Anonymous

          24 Sep 2017 21:32  

          This is kind of a worthless talent, in my opinion, after they nerfed it to 5M down from what used to be the entire screen. This is especially true in higher difficulties where you must split your party up in order to win fights. This might work if you wanted to play with four melee characters but there are very few encounters in the game where enemies are bunched up. You're probably better off just investing points into primary talents.

          • Anonymous

            21 Sep 2017 21:59  

            i have a leadership 9 and a leadership 1(due to armor) character and everyone aside from the 9 char has the leadership 1 buff. seems like a bug.

            • Anonymous

              19 Sep 2017 19:38  

              This will not stack if it is on multiple characters. Only the highest level will be received, but at least all characters can get some form on leadership buff.

              • Anonymous

                17 Sep 2017 06:41  

                For those attempting a Lone Wolf play through either solo or with one companion, this will -not- buff the character go puts points into it.

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